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Elision is the normal omission of speech sounds and running words or syllables together to prevent cacophony. In normal unemphatic well-spoken English, the phrases two eyes and too wise are pronounced exactly the same, and likewise the phrases the ear and the year. The sentence "He asked his uncle if it was ok" would be spelled phonetically He yastiz zuncle lif fitwa zokay. Sadly, the poorest, most stitled speakers dominate, being heard all over the media separating their words and putting glottal stops before every syllable that begins with a vowel sound, so that we do hear people say "tha ocean" and "what:ever" instead of the correctly fluent "thee ocean" and "whaddever." "Cacophony" is harshness of speech sound. It results when speech is stilted, for example by putting a glottal stop before a syllable normally beginning with a vowel sound. What you seek, then, is an example in which speech sounds are omitted and the remaining sounds are run together so that the spoken word or phrase has a more pleasant sound. If we agreed that "This is Mrs. Zimmerman" sounded harsh to the ear because of the z-z-z repetition, then saying "thiz mizimmerman" would make the expression sound more pleasant because we lessened the repetition. Similarly, if we thought that "can of Coca Cola" sounded harsh because of the k-k, then saying "cana co-cola" would make the words sound more pleasant. [You may not agree that those changes are acceptable, but they are real-life examples that fit your question.] In the famous line by Alexander Pope, "When Ajax strives some rock's vast weight to throw," we might find that some people eliminate the harshness by "eliding" some of the sounds and saying, approximately, "When Ajak strive some rocks vass weigh to throw." In principle, elision, in the sense of omitting some speech sounds and running words together, is not always a fault and is, in fact, common in the speech of well-educated people who are skilled speakers of English. But that is a much longer story. A to B: "Would you like to sweep with me?"

B Hears: "Would you like to sleep with me?"

B to A: "That's very flattering, but no thank you. I have a boyfriend." Make the last line, B to A: "That's very flattering, but no thank you. I already have a groom." [We presume A heard "broom"]

A to B: "Great! Clean up the floor with it!"

B hears "him" instead of "it".

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Can you give an example of sentence using cacophony?

The cacophony in the streets made it hard to sleep.

How can you use cocaphony in a sentence?

Did you mean cacophony ? In which case an example would be "the parrots squawked loudly, creating a cacophony of noise"

What is an example sentence with the word cacophony?

what is that Cacophony? cacophony means harsh sounds!

Is a harsh screech an example of cacophony?

Yes, because caco means bad so cacophony is a harsh screen.

What is an example of a sentence using the word cacophony?

The elementary school's symphonic band's warm-up was just a cacophony of sound, but it gradually organized into the opening theme song of "The Simpsons".

What are some example of cacophony?

The musician's warm-up cacophony melds into the introduction!

What is example of sentence personification about chirping birds?

Here's two. Birds conversing among themselves. -or- A joyful cacophony of birds.

What does the word cacophony mean?

A harsh, discordant mixture sounds Example: A cacophony of deafening alarm bells.

Can you give an example of literary dissonance?

Dissonace has the same meaning of cacophony, but you will find more examples by using your keyword as cacophony. A common example is "birth strangled babe".

What is an example of an cacophony?

A good example of a cacophony would be a bunch of different horn sounds at the same time in a traffic jam. Something that has mixed sounds that may not sound good together, like the insane asylum in the movies, where you hear screams, laughs, banging.. all together. That would be a cacophony.

Example of cacophony?

The band had not rehearsed enough. The sound they made was not tuneful, it was a cacaphony.

How do you put the word cacophony in a sentence?

The crows were creating such a cacophony outside that I had to shut the window in order to concentrate. cacophany is basically the opposite of music. it really means a series of harsh clashing sounds. as you can see there is not a monkey sitting in front of your computer so you probably understand that cacophany is close to the opposite of music. An example of a a sentence using this word would be: My brother can create wonderful cacophany with his violin.

What is an example of a supporting sentence?

A supporting sentence is one that provides information and backs up the topic sentence. This sentence is an example of a supporting sentence because it explains the topic sentence further.

What is an example sentence of the word weigh?

Example sentence - We know how much the beans will cost because we weigh them after filling the bag.

Can you use the word diffident in a sentence?

yes because for example sentence she was diffident about her opinion

Sentence with muddle in it?

Example sentence - Their communication method is not working because they muddle their words.

How do you write an example sentence?

you can write an example sentence by saying for example this or this happened example; the dog ran to the front yard for example, the dog ran to the front yard because he saw a stranger

What is an example of cacophony?

Cacophony means a horrible noise, with too many things going on at once, so that you can't distinguish between anything heard. The dictionary definition is, a harsh, discordant sound - think of what an orchestra tuning up sounds like.

What is an example sentence for domestic?

A sentence with the word domestic in it is "Harry's cat was domestic because it was tame."

How do you use fetters in a sentence?

Example sentence - The fetters on the horses were removed because they were causing injuries.

Can you give me a sentence of demeanor?

Example sentence - I refuse to have anything to do with Amanda because of her nasty demeanor.

How do you use passerby in a sentence?

Example sentence - He was an eye witness to the accident because he was a passerby when it happened.

What is a sentence for wrinkled?

Example sentence - I couldn't wear my shirt to school because it was too wrinkled.

How do you write prestidigitation in a sentence?

Example sentence - He fancied himself a magician because he was familiar with prestidigitation.

What is the meaning of example sentence?

An example sentence is a sentence written to show usage of a particular word or phrase. This sentence is an example of an example sentence!