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What is an example of dialogue?

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This is an example of dialogue.

"Algernon, did you hear what I was playing?" Jane asked.

"Whatd'ya mean? The horrid out-of-tune canapony?"

"No the lilting Ballad."

"No, I didn't hear that."

"Ah. Then how about that jazz and tap?"

"Si, muy bien musica. Tu vas a la audicion.
Dialogue is simply a discussion in print (or in a play) between two or more people. A brief sample of dialogue could be: Me: Hey, how's it going? You: Fine! What have you been up to lately? Me: Not much. Been mostly hanging out at home. You? You: I got engaged over the weekend.

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What is mixed dialogue?

give an example of mixed dialogue

What is dialogue punctuation?

Dialogue punctuation is the punctuation you use when writing dialogue in, persay, a story. For example: "The dog is sleeping quietly on the rug," said Marie. The dialogue punctuations are the " " (quotation marks) and the , (comma).

What is an example of diauloge?

Dialogue is a word used to represent any vocal sentence. He has very good dialogue delivery.

What is a dialogue in a film?

Dialogue in a film refers to the words that were written down for the actors to say. Example: Tom Hanks at the end of Saving Private Ryan: "Earn this". "Earn this" is the dialogue.

Example of a dialouge?

A dialogue is any conversation that happens between two people. An example of a dialogue would be when two characters in any book or movie talk to one another.

What is indirect dialogue?

Direct dialogue is when there are quotes around the thing that someone is saying. An example is: "Hello, how are you?" Indirect dialogue is when quotes are not put around the thing that someone is saying. An example is: Jim said hello and then asked how you are. This two types of dialogue can be found in text and speech and while there are not quotes being used when someone uses direct dialogue out loud, they still never state who is talking.

Example of modeless dialog in c plus plus?

Forms and dialogue boxes can be modal or modeless. Modal forms and dialogue boxes prevent switching to other windows, forms or dialogue boxes within the same application and must be closed in order to proceed. They are primarily used to display important messages or to collect vital data from the user. Modeless forms and dialogues, however, do not prevent switching to another window, form or dialogue box. A typical example of a modeless dialogue box is Notepad's Find dialogue box.

What is a example of dialogue in and then there were none?

Dialogue is just people talking. There are plenty of examples of people talking in any fiction book. One example from And Then There Were None might be "That's the lot," he muttered. You should read the book and pick a better example for your assignment, though.

What is an example sentence using dialog?

He listened to the dialogue between the two people.

What the opposite of an narrative story?

A Dialogue driven story, where there is nothing external to the dialogue, not even tags. An good example of such would be 'They're Made out of Meat' by Terry Bisson.

What is movie dialogue?

Movie dialogue is dialogue of movie

What is an example of dialogue of two or more people in short story?

Nightfall by Isaac Asimov

What are some non examples of dialog?

NON examples ...... I don't understand what you're asking. Anything that is not dialogue is a "non" example. Here are some related questions about dialogue though.

What is sentence for dialogue?

The screenwriter is polishing up the dialogue.

What is an example sentence of dialog?

Solving the conflict in the Middle East will never occur without dialogue between the sides.The first step in diplomacy is to open a dialogue between the opposing sides.

How does dialogue affect pacing of a story?

Dialogue can either speed up the pacing or slow it down, depending on how you write it. You can have your characters interrupt a serious moment with a bit of humorous back-and-forth, for example, or you can speed things up by showing a scene entirely through the dialogue.

What is an example of a short stories being all dialogue?

'They're made out of Meat' by Terry Bisson

What is an example of using commas to set off explanatory words in dialogue?

"Zoey, give that back!"

What is a good sentence that represents dialog?

If you are referring to the definition, dialogue is "talking in a conversation -- the words." If you are referring to an example, here you go: Dr. Short: How you been? Me: Great. Dr. Short: So, what is the problem. Me: I am having congested problems. That's an example of dialogue! I hope I helped you out.

Does the term line of dialogue mean literally one line or a string of dialogue?

The term "line of dialogue" simply means a sentence or phrase of dialogue...not literally one line of dialogue.

What is the naturalistic dialogue?

when the dialogue is the actual way people talk it is called *NATURALISTIC DIALOGUE*

Sentence for dialogue?

my teacher made a dialogue

What is dialogue in a film?

dialogue is the talking (the words) :)

When does a dialogue occur?

The word "dialogue" means talking -- dialogue occurs all the time, all around you.

What are the Features of a dialogue?

Dialogue just means talking and communicating. A dialogue has people speaking with each other.