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Bhakti movement and Arya Samaj movement are examples from India.

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Q: What is an example of reform?
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Is prohibition an example of economic reform?

No; prohibition is an example of social reform.

Land tenure structure reform measures example?


What is a good sentence using the word reform?

When they looked over the Constitution, they realized that some amendments need to go through a reform. This is an example sentence using the word reform.

What led to women becoming leaders of various reform movements?

Certain reform movements led women to become leaders of various reform movements. An example is that women believed their lives will improve with women's suffrage that is why they led this reform.

What is an example of an economic reform?

I think it's breaking up the trusts and monoplies

The New York Consumers' League was an example of?

a group of citizens advocating for reform

An example of a qin reform resulting in greater social organization was the division of china into?


What are some example of reform movements?

religious reform is the way a church decides to structure authority in order to advance the churchs common good

The demand that there be no taxation without representation is a good example of what political reform of the eighteenth century?

more popular influence on government

Why were muckrakers important to the reform movement?

The muckrackers helped to reform things. For example, after writing The Jungle in 1906, Upton Sinclair directly affected the passing of the Meat Inspection Act and also the Pure Food and Drug Act.

Examples of Reform Movements?

Social reform is a progressive manner to change society for the better of mankind. It often has a mission statement attached. Helen Woolley was a psychologist that was known for her investigation to improve child labor. Her act aided in improving child development.

Which of the following were results of the 1949 Communist Revolution?

land reform;economic reform;Great Leap Forward;political reform;social reform;