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This will happen any time the speed changes over time.

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Q: What is an example where instantaniouse speed is differant from average speed?
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What is a non-example of average speed?

The colour green is a non example of average speed.

How do you define average speed?

average speed is the average rate of movement, for example, the number of feet traveled on a yard.average speed is the-total distance/total time.

What does average speed and average time have in common?

Apart from the fact that they are average, nothing. For example, the average time I spend sleeping has nothing to do with any average speed.

When is average speed of an object not equal to average velocity?

For example, an object goes in a circle, at a speed of 50 km/hour. The average speed is 50 km/hour; the average velocity is zero.

Can average speed of a moving object be zerogive an example?

No, it can't. Average VELOCITY can be zero, though.

Can you say that the average speed is always less than the instantaneous speed example?

donkeys is the clue

Can average speed and speed per hour be equal?

Yes. For example, if you drive exactly 65 MPH consisently for an hour, your average speed will also be 65 MPH.

Can a body have zero average velocity but a nonzero average speed give example?

Yes, you can. Example: An object going around in a circle.

Can a body have nonzero average speed but have zero average velocity give example?

An object moving in a circular path at constant speed will have a non-zero average speed and zero average velocity since velocity is a vector parameter,

In what condition average velocity is equal to average speed give an example?

When an object is moving along a straight line at a variable speed, we can express the magnitude of the rate of motion in terms of average velocity.It is the same way as we calculate average speed.

Average velocity of a particle is zero but not its average speed .. is it possible?

Yes - for example, if an object moves in a circle.

Does the total distance traveled divided by constant speed is an average speed?

No. If you divide a distance by a speed, you get a time, not a speed. For example, (meters) / (meters/second) = (seconds).

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