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What is an illuminated source?

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An illuminated source is something that is assisting in the viewing of something. It will allow people to see it when they normally cannot see it.

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Is the stars a light source or a reflector?

Stars are considered to be a light source because they are self illuminated. Stars are self illuminated because of the nuclear fusion occurring inside of them.

Does planet luminous or illuminated source?

Im also searching the answer

Is a glow in the dark ball luminous or illuminated?

It is a source of light, hence luminous.

How is the field of view illuminated?

The field of view is illuminated by either a mirror or a light bulb under the microscope. The mirror has to be used with an outside light source such as the sun, or lamp.

What is the source of radiation of a dissecting microscope?

The source of radiation of a dissecting microscope is light. The illuminated light is what will cause the image to appear in three-dimensional format.?æ

How do illuminated rifle scopes work?

An artificial or natural light source illuminates the cross hairs/dot, etc..

Is television screen is an illuminated source?

yes,because television is the inspiration of all the people living on earth on their lifestyle..

Illuminated in a sentence?

the sun illuminated the sky. I illuminated the picture frame with gold.

Why does the central part of the shadow or the umbra is darker than the penumbra?

The penumbra is the part of the shadow from which PART but not all of the lightsource is visible, so that region is partly but not fully illuminated.The umbra is the part of the shadow from which NONE of the light source is visible,so that region is not illuminated at all, not even a little.That's why.

How is the moon illuminated?

it is illuminated by the sun

What is the function of the codenser lens in the compound light microscope?

it is to focus the light source on the image so that the image is evenly illuminated

Where were illuminated letters used?

in illuminated words.

Is the moon an illuminated object?

yes - it is illuminated by the sun.

How could you use the word illuminated in a sentence?

She illuminated her work.

Is a campfire an illuminated object?


Does this watch have an alarm available, is it illuminated?

No alarm or chronogragh but it is illuminated.

What is illuminated?

When something is illuminated it means that it is lit up. Often times science projects are illuminated with electrical light bulbs.

What is illuminated objects?

An illuminated object is an object upon which electromagnetic radiation from some source is falling. We usually think of "illumination" in terms of light, but it's actually a broader concept. When an airplane is being examined by ground radar, they say that the radar is "illuminating" the target.

What would happen when the moon casts a shadow on the sun?

Nothing casts a shadow on the sun. The sun is the source of light that produces illuminated and shadowed areas, and shadows always point away from the source of light that produces them.

What is a illuminated letter?

a illuminated letter is a big & bold letter at the beginning of a paragraph

What is illuminated object?

a illuminated objects are object that reflect light! For example: moon.

Where Would You Find An illuminated letter?

you would find a illuminated letter on a sign

Is an alarm available on the watch Is is illuminated?

Alarm is not available in this watch, but it is illuminated(Luminescent).

Is a candle illuminated?

A candle can be illuminated usually when you light it... That's the whole point of a candle. A candle can be illuminated usually when you light it... That's the whole point of a candle.

How do you write a sentence with the word illuminated?

The room was illuminated with light. The Las Vegas strip can be seen from several miles away because it is so brightly illuminated.