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ODBC stands for Open Data Base Connectivity. It is a connection that is created to define a connection between a computer and a database stored on another system. The ODBC connection contains information needed to allow a computer user to access the information stored in a database that is not local to that computer. You need to define the type of the database application - like Microsoft SQL or Oracle or FoxPro or mySQL. Once you have defined the type of database you need to select or supply the appropriate driver for a connection (Windows already contains many of these) and then supply the name of the database file and the credentials needed to access the database.
Once the ODBC connection is created, you can tell specific programs to use that ODBC connection to access information in that database.

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Q: What is an odbc connection?
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How do you do ODBC connection in Linux OS?

Employ the ODBC code or module written for whatever language you're writing in. Or, alternatively, write your own ODBC code.

How do you connect to mysql using vb6?

Install the MyODBC database connector.Set up an new ODBC connection to your mysql database in Windows. (This will vary based on your version of Windows)You can use the ADODB extension in VB to connect to your ODBC connection.

Maximum client for odbc connection?

Maximum client is the maximum number of requests that can be served by webserver at a time.

How do you connect to an Access database using C plus plus?

The easiest way to access an Access database from C++ is to use ODBC. An access database can easily be setup as an ODBC data source. The "Connection Strings" website provides you with many alternatives and 'connection string' syntax to complete this, too. Try;

What layer of the osi model is odbc and sql?

ODBC and SQL operate at Session Layer.

Full form of ODBC in computer?

ODBS in computer stands for Open database connectivity. Whenever we are working on a project let it be java or php the to store the data in our project we need a database. For this this we need to create a database connection that is ODBC.

What is ODBC in tally?

In tally ODBC is used to connect to other programs and exchange data dynamically

Does Microsoft exchange server support ODBC connection with anything other than oracle and SQL?

yes because odbc stands for open data base connectivity and it support a lot of data bases. like mysql, ms-access, oracle, sql server etc.

What drivers are needed to setup a database with ODBC?

Alongside dedicated ODBC drivers, a JDCB driver is usually required. This enables a bridge to the ODBC driver, enabling the database to connect to its target.

Is it possible to access databases through C-CPP and if so how?

Most database vendors offer an API for this purpose. The usage will vary by vendor, but generally you open a connection, query (or runcommand), check or step through results, close connection. In the MS Windows environment, you can also use ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), which is an API that abstracts (no, its not C++ classes) the database, its tables, and its query language. You still have to install a vendor specific ODBC driver, and a vendor specific database client, so you still need to consult the vendor documentation. The procedure is similar to the non ODBC solution - you open the connection, query it, step through the results cursor, and close the connection.

Which types of JDBC drivers allows your java programs to communicate with the ODBC driver of your dbms?

JDBC - ODBC bridge

How do I create a form which will then upload to a database that I can access in Microsoft Access?

Have your form's input insert into a database (SQL, Oracle, etc) then access that database through Access's ODBC connection.

What does ODBC stand for in IT?

Open Database Connectivity

How the data can be retrieved with odbc?

Value by value

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How can you connect to an Oracle database using PHP?

Is there an ODBC driver available for your Oracle database? If so, the ODBC functions may be the way to go.

What has the author Robert Gryphon written?

Robert Gryphon has written: 'Using ODBC 2' -- subject(s): Database management, Microsoft ODBC

Why is ODBC important?

ODBC provides an open, vendor- neutral way of accessing data stored in a variety of proprietary personal computer, minicomputer, and mainframe databases. ODBC alleviates the need for independent software vendors and corporate developers to learn multiple application programming interfaces. ODBC now provides a universal data access interface. With ODBC, application developers can allow an application to concurrently access, view, and modify data from multiple, diverse databases.

What are the advantages of ADO and OLEDB?

Wat is te difference between ADO, ADODB, OLEDB and ODBC What is the difference between ADO, ADODB, OLEDB and ODBC

Which administrator tool is used to configure a data sources for applications that require access to database?

The ODBC Administrator, also known as Data Sources (ODBC).

What is odbc in banking?

Outward Documentary Bills for Collection

How do you connect oracle database in javascript?

By using ODBC

What is jdbc-odbc bridge?

jdbc-odbc bridge is a jdbc driver required to connect java application to the specified database. Using this driver the java calls are converted to the odbc calls and then are referred to the database. Since odbc driver are the implemetation of the API written in C language. As in the case of this driver the API is provided by Sun MicroSystem itself and the implementation of these API is done by the Database Vendors.

How do you connect odbc to php?

Syntax: odbc_connect(string datasource, string username, string password); <?php $host = "localhost"; // The host name varies $user = "root"; // Username also varies in db $pwd = ""; // Password varies in db $connect = odbc_connect($host,$user,$pwd); if(!$connect) { die("Could not establish connection to odbc database"); } ?>

How do you access Microsoft Access databases with PHP?

ODBC / System DSN