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What is an organ?

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In biology

The human body and animal bodies are very organized. Specialized groups of cells form tissues, tissues form organs, and organs form body systems.

An organ is a specialized group of tissues that performs a particular function, and often more than one function. Examples of organs are the brain, heart, eyes, bones, intestines, pancreas, rectum, lymph nodes, ears, stomach, liver, and gallbladder. We have close to seventy-eight organs in our body.

Organs may work together to form a body system. This is the case with the major organs of the digestive system (mouth, esophagus, stomach, small & large intestines, rectum, anus) along with its accessory organs (salivary glands, liver, pancreas, gallbladder).


In music

In music, an organ is a very large piano-based instrument. They date back to Ctesibius of Alexandria, who lived between 285 BC and 222 BC. Today they are commonly found in catholic churches.


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The job that the organ does is the what of that organ?

The job that the organ does is the function of that organ

Is a tissue organ a organ?

it is a organ lol

What is the brain an organ or an organ system?

The brain is an organ. It is part of the Nervous (organ) System.

Is the leaf of a plant an organ or an organ system?

It's an organ,but belongs to an organ system.

What does organ sensitivity?

organ sensitivity is the sensitivity of a organ

Is small intestines an organ or organ system?

an organ

Is liver an organ or organ system or organism?


What organ system does a grasshopper have?

organ of grasshopper have no organ!!

What is a homograph organ?

organ (instrument/ organ (body)

Is the heart an organ or an organ system?

It is an organ. The heart belongs to cardio-vasculary organ system.

Is the nervous system an organ?

yes, the organ system is a organ.

What is a tissue organ?

a tissue organ is an organ containing tissue

What does the shape of an organ determine?

The shape of an organ determines the function of the organ. The shape tells you what that particular organ does.

What is the order of cells organ organ systems and tissues?

An cell, a tissue, an organ system, and then finally the organ.

What is the organ that covers and protects the body and releases waste from the blood through sweat glands?

That organ is called as skin. It is the largest organ of your body.The skin is this organ. It is actually the largest organ of the human body.

Is organ farming and organ donation the same thing?

Not really, but there are slight differences. Organ farming is taking of the organ and organ donation is the giving side.

What characterises a tissue an organ and an organ system?

tissue- a group of like cells organ- like tissues organ system- organs with related function (cell-> tissue -> organ -> organ system)

Why organ is an organ?

because it is!

Is liver an organ?

it is a organ

Are nerves organ?

no it not organ

A lymph organ that is filled with lymphocytes?

is an organ called Lymphoid Organ

What organ does the neurons make?

They do not make a organ but are part of an organ which is the brain.

What is the main organ in the organ system?

The main and largest organ is the skin.

Is uterus an intraperitoneal organ?

uterus is not an intraperitoneal organ. It is a retroperitoneal organ

Is each organ a organ system?

No. The collection of organs is organ system.