What is an undergraduate?

An undergraduate is a university student who holds no university degrees and is therefore working on his or her first degree, typically a Bachelor's degree. Students who hold a Bachelor's degree and who are working on a Master's or Doctorate are called graduate students.

== == Someone who has not yet been awarded a degree by a university. The opposite term, postgraduate, applies to things like postgraduate courses that are offered only to graduates of a degree. You get your degree, you might apply to enroll in a Master's course or, beyond that, a PhD. It takes 4 years to complete one.

Undergraduate degrees are as follows.

* associate * bachelor Graduate degrees are as follows.

* Master * Doctorate * First Professional

Undergraduate refers to, basically, "college". Since students have not graduated (from college; high school doesn't count) yet, they're "undergraduates". Students who have graduated from college and are pursuing an advanced degree are "graduate students". (People who have an advanced degree and are still hanging around college are generally called "faculty".)