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It could also be known as the 'Bombing of Pearl Harbor' of the 'Start of World War II'.

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Why is the attack on Pearl Harbor called the day of infamy?

The term "day of infamy" was used in President Roosevelt's speech the day after the attack when he addressed the nation and declared war on Japan. This term became associated with the Pearl Harbor attack. There is at least one book written about Pearl Harbor that takes this term as the title of the book. Why FDR used that term can only be answered by him. Bascially, he was saying that No American will ever forget the day the Japanese attacked the USA and we won't let the Japanese forget it either.

What are the immediate and long term effects on the attack of pearl harbor?

its a show now , people live around Pearl Harbour and it has affected alot of people

Why was pearl harbor named pearl harbor?

The term Pearl Harbor comes from the Hawaiian word "Wai Momi," or "pearl water." The waters around the harbor used to be well-known for the abundance of pearl oysters.

Was Japan successful in attacking Pearl Harbor?

They achieved their short term objective Given the final outcome, they probably wish they had not done it.

Short term effects of Pearl Harbor?

One of the short term affects of the bombing of pearl harbor where that because of the bombs pollution was in the air for several months.

Did the Japanese surrender from the attack of Pearl Harbor?

No. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a coordinated attack by Japan on the United States to effectively remove the US Pacific Fleet from viable operation. This would allow Japan to invade and overrun the Philippines. This tactic was indeed successful in the short term and the US was required to fight the War in the Pacific using its former Atlantic Fleet.

What were the long term effects of pearl harbor?

The long term effects of Pearl Harbor were many and varied. Specifically, it was the first major terrorist attack on America, and it showed Americans that they were as vulnerable as any other country. Also, it pulled America out of it's isolationist foreign policy, and catapulted the US into the middle of the global arena.

How did the Americans feel about the Japanese in America during ww2?

Suspicious would be a good term to use. They were very concerned about spies, attacks from within, and had a general paranoia about anyone from japan because of the attack on Pearl harbor.

Pearl Harbor impact?

The impact of Japan's surprise-attack upon Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, is difficult to over-state. While it resulted in a temporary military set-back for America's navy, its longer-term impact was the galvanizing of America's fighting spirit along with the near-complete disappearance of any isolationist sentiment in America. America had been brought into the war, and it was now willing to fight.

What are three ways Pearl Harbor changed society?

It ignited a righteous anger, created a short term bias against the Japanese and created a long term interest in military preparedness.

What did Franklin Roosevelt accomplish during his third term?

During Franklin Roosevelts third term the United States joined World War 2 after the Japenese attacked Pearl Harbor.

What was Shakespeare's term for a pearl in Hamlet act v scene 2?

According to line 273, "union" is another word for pearl.

The United States entered World War 2 because?

Which of the following sentences uses the term flit correctly?

What were the short major and long term consequences of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

It meant the US would respond, would declare war, and would realiate. The major consequence was Germany's declaration of War against the US since that little error in judgment opened it up to a World War. In the long term, it virtually guaranteed the Japanese loss of a Pacific Empire or even a place at the table in negotiating a compromise. The whilwind had been unleashed and "Remember Pearl Harbor" joined the lexicon of American battle cries like "Don't Tread on Me" and "Remember the Alamo".

What was the American response to the Japanese attack?

The American response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was to recognize that they were at war with the Empire of Japan. This caused them repair the damage of the attack, build up their armed forces, resist Japanese forces in the western Pacific, and, with allies, defeat the Japanese armed forces and to occupy Japan. A more general and long-term response, better called a lesson learned, was to always be on the alert against attack, and never to assume that just because we take Sunday off, an enemy would too.

What is the medical term meaning gallbladder attack?

Cholecystitis is the medical term for gallbladder attack.

Shakespeare's term for a pearl in Hamlet?

In act five of Hamlet, Shakespeare uses the term "union" to describe a pearl.

What did the US lose after Pearl Harbor?

I'm assuming you mean what long-term materiel losses resulted from the attack. While the US Army Air Corps lost hundreds of planes, these were fairly easily replaced. The US Navy had 18 ships either sunk or damaged during the attack. Of those, only 3 never saw any action again. The USS Arizona and USS Utah still lay on the bottom of the harbor. The USS Oklahoma capsized during the attack, was refloated, and was being towed to San Francisco when is sank during a storm. All other ships were back in action by the end of the war.

What is another word for 'mount an attack on'?

The military term is to engage. If the attack is one-sided and unexpected, you can use assault or ambush. If the attack is overwhelming, try invade. If it's small and secretive, go with raid or infiltrate.

How did the US rebuild their military after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Although the Japanese attack suceeded in crippling the U.S. Pacific Fleet for the short term, the U.S. had certain advantages in rebuilding its Navy. First, a new navy was already being built. Due in part to the Naval Expansion Act of 1938, a significant number of new ships were already being constructed in shipyards on the West Coast. Further, only three battleships were permanently lost due to the attack. Almost all of the damaged ships were floated and repaired.

Why was cold harbor named cold harbor?

It was an old term for a hotel that did not guarantee to serve hot food.

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