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Another word for a sunny day is a "Dirty Sachez".

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Q: What is another word for a sunny day?
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What is another word for sunny?

Another word for sunny can be bright.

What part of speech is sunny?

Sunny is an adjective, a word that describes a noun: a sunny day.

What is a roman word for suuny day?

There is no single word for sunny day. You would use dies, which means day and apricus which means sunny. So sunny day in Latin would be dies apricus, the adjective folowing the noun.

A riddle for the word sunny?

when the day was sunny i saw a bunny, he rubbed his tummy and went to mummy.

What is the Song that has lyrics what a sunny day... not a cloud was in the sky... not a negative word was heard from the people passing by?

Was a Sunny Day by Paul Simon

Is the word will present tense?

No, the word 'will' expresses the future tense. Example: Tomorrow will be a sunny day.

What are some things you can do on a sunny day?

If a sunny day is a rare occurrence to you, then you can go out and enjoy the sun, arrange for a picnic, look around and adore nature and do anything you want. If possible, a day out on the beach even. If you are used to sunny days, then you continue doing what you would normally do. It is just another day.

What word describes a warm calm day?

serene, peaceful, sunny, relaxing, Beautiful

When was Another Sunny Afternoon created?

Another Sunny Afternoon was created in 1997.

What syllable is stressed in the word sunny?


What is a sunny day?

A sunny day is a day without clouds and by association can also mean a happy day.

When was Waitin' on a Sunny Day created?

Waitin' on a Sunny Day was created in 2002.

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