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Turn of the century, inexpensive firearms. Little to no value.

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Q: What is any info on a 32 cal silver king revolver by Chicago arms co?
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What is info on a powder revolver stamped richland arms co with the words navy mod 1851?

Richland Arms was an importer in the early 70's

Looking for info on Forehand Arms 22 cal revolver 5 shot 2 in barrel sn 141363 thanks?

Try the Blue Book of Gun Values

Do you have any info on a rossi 22lr revolver also has garcia sporting arms no model has two inch barrel six shot wood grips.?

Economical 22 pistol

Info on gecado 22 short revolver?

Inexpensive European revolver of indifferent quality- value about $50.

Where can I get info on a model 1918 clot 45 revolver?

colt gun collectors site has the info, google it

Info on long barrel 32 US Revolver?

No published data

Where can you find more info on an Eastern Arms Co top break 22 cal revolver history value age etc?

Eastern Arms was a brand name used by Sears Roebuck. My sources indicate that these revolvers were manufactured by Meriden Firearms which was a Sears subsidiary from 1905-1915.

How much is a Navy Revolver with Roman Numbers XXL?

Your question can not be answered with the slight info that you have provided.Please include all the info you can about your revolver to include maker,barrel length,caliber,finish,etc.and include all markings.

What is some info about squids?

they have madd arms

Can anyone give you any info on a BKA 218 revolver?

Yes, but be careful about WHOM you take info from: In this case, the manufacturer is YOUR BEST BET.

Info on HR 22 caliber revolver?

l Blue Book of Gun values

Where can you find info on a Chicago arms model A 12 gauge shot gun?

I have been serching for information about Chicago arms model "a" 12ga pump, or the company and there is not to much information out there on the subjects. my weapon has a star before and after *Chicago arms * and is excelent working condition I still use it for hunting. I found one other person than you that as such a weapon and he is in Canada. Although you may be that person I don't know. But if you find out anything I would like to know so I can follow through with my research. Thank you.

38 police positive Colt revolver sn 107400 any info on this?

made about 1914

What is the age of Colt Army Revolver serial number 81191? has Colt sn info

Info about a TELL 22 caliber revolver serial number 73897?

Swiss 1920-1940

Does Anybody have any info on Gardner firearms a r22 revolver in particular?

Located in Hockley, TX

Info on fie super 777 starter revolver?

FIE is/was an importer. Probably made in Europe.

Does anyone have info on Shorty from Silver Dollar City?

what kind of info are you wanting to know?

.38 Special Colt Police Positive Revolver SN 839301 - Any Info?

made about 1963....................

What is info on a powder revolver stamped Richland Arms Co with the numbers 79699 and three other small markings?

Richland Arms was an importer in Blissfield, Michigan, until 1986. The guns they imported were mostly made in Spain or Italy. You probably have a replica of some Civil War era revolver. If it's Blonde colored wood it's probably a Richland Arms Co. Kentucky style pistol. I have a Richland Arms Flintlock rifle called the MICHIGAN rifle in .45 cal. and a wonderful rifle.The arms are rare now and were inported in the 1960's to early 70's. I assume the company is out of buisness now as there's no info to be had on them. The Richland caplock rifles were dangerous so I'm told by a master gunsmith and a friend. The Yorktown was named for blowing off the drum, stripping the hammer and chipping wood out of the breech area. .

American Arms Inc NKC mo 12 gauge over under made for nwtf any info?

It's a silver special edition. I've got #7 in the series... nice gun.

What is info on the O'Brien Machine Company of Chicago IL?

O'Brien Machine Co. manufactured the Silver Knigh Cork Puller when their address was 1620 Highland Avenue, Chicago 26, Illinois. Don't know the date. Anyone seen one of these or know any details?

Info on Hopkins Allen Arms Co?

There's SOME info here; FriPilot

How much are American silver dollars worth?

need more info ... what kind of silver dollars?

Info on liberty arms shot guns?

Inexpensive "working" gun.

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