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depending on the truck, the weight of cargo etc . the fuel milage can be anywhere from 4 mpg to about 9 mpg

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What is the fuel mileage for different semi trucks?

They will range from 4 to 7 miles per gallon.

What types of Semi Trucks get the best mileage?

Gas mileage can vary significatly due to a variety of circumstances. Its a safe bet that newer and more areodynamic models of Semi Trucks will offer the best in miles per gallon.

Is Freightliner the most fuel efficient brand of semi truck?

There hasn't really been a brand of semi trucks recognized as the most fuel efficient. Since they run on diesel a more efficient fuel, semi trucks already are more fuel efficient than cars in terms of size and power.

What is the average gas milage of a semi?

Most semi trucks have Diesel engines and use Diesel fuel oil to operate. 6 to 7 miles per gallon is considered to be a fairly good average. Terrain and amount of load can affect this average abit.

How do you increase fuel mileage in a semi truck?

Reduce your speed and idle less

What is the Average miles driven per year for semi trucks?


What recent Volvo truck models offer the best gas mileage?

It depends on if you mean the Volvo semi trucks or SUV. The best semi is the VN430 and the VHD.

What machinary uses diesel?

Things like semi-trucks and some trucks and every day vehicles use diesel fuel.

What is the fuel efficiency of a semi truck?

The average fuel economy of a semi truck is between 5 and 7 mpg when loaded.

What do you call a row of semi trucks?

A row of semi trucks. There isn't a specific name for it.

How many miles per gallon do semi-trucks get?

According to the Elmo Kandel, Editor and Publisher of Article Click, a highly efficient semi-truck will get 6 to 8 miles per gallon. Fuel mileage will vary greatly based on the weight of the truck and payload and environmental factors such as wind and grade. Fuel mieage can drop to 4 miles per gallon in less efficient trucks - you need to go to to find out more.

Where can I sell my company's used semi trucks?

You can go to to get a quote for your used semi trucks.

What is typical fuel mileage for older diesel semi tractor trailer rigs on the highway?

3-6 mpg

Which companies have used semi trucks for sale?

There are several companies that sell use semi trucks directly or privately-such as Eddie Stobart who regularly sell their old used semi trucks as they purchase new ones.

How much do new Peterbilt Semi Trucks cost on average?

For a cargo hauler who is looking to purchase a new model of a Peterbilt semi truck, the average asking price is roughly 120,000 United States dollars.

What is the plural of semi as in trucks?

The plural form of semi is semis

What phobia is the fear of driving between semi-trucks?

There is no official phobia for the fear of driving between semi-trucks. However, the fear of rising in a car is known as amaxophobia.

How much horsepower does a semi truck have?

Obviously, this is different with every truck, as there are many different sizes and makers of the engines that are used in semi trucks. The lower end of the scale, used in small or older semi trucks and straight trucks, would be around 275-300 horsepower. The upper end of the scale, as in large new over-the-road semi trucks, would be around 500-600 horsepower maximum. The average semi truck you see every day on the road or around town would probably be right around 400-450 horsepower.

How long are commercial trucks?

Most semi commercial trucks or delivery trucks can be 50 ft long.

How many semi trucks on the road?

estimated:8-9 million trucks

Can kids ride in semi-trucks?

If company policy allows it, yes.

What size fuel tanks do semi trucks have?

Depending on specifics, the truck may have either one or two tanks, with a total fuel capacity ranging anywhere from 50 to 300 gallons.

What is the km per liter of diesel of an average semi trailer truck?

The kilometer per liter of diesel of an average semi truck and trailer will depend on the habits of the driver, the weight of the load, and the terrain of the road. Most newer trucks can travel about 6 to 7 kilometers per liter of diesel fuel on a flat road with a fully loaded trailer.

Which insurance companies cover semi trucks?

There are many companies that write insurance for semi trucks. Some of these companies are Progressive Commercial and Geico.

What is typical fuel mileage for older diesel semi tractor-trailer rigs on the highway?

Most of the newer trucks average around 6 mpg. My 1984 International Cabover with a 300hp BC3 got 5.5 mpg and my 1985 Freightliner Cabover with a 3406 310hp caterpillar got closer to 6 mpg. My 1996 Peterbilt 377 got a lifetime average of 7.3 mpg with a S60 Detroit 500 hp.