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A "balanced field" with respect to aircraft takeoff performance refers to the minimum length of runway that will allow for an aircraft to accelerate to V-1 (decision speed), experience failure of the critical engine, and then either stop in the remaining runway or continue to a successful takeoff meeting all applicable takeoff performance criteria.
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What is the landing and takeoff speed for an airplane?

The simplest answer: for an average-sized commercial jetliner with typical fuel and payload, the "takeoff speed" is around 130-160 knots, or about 150 to 200 miles per hour. The landing speed is more or less the same, usually a few knots slower. The landing/takeoff speed can range from 105 knots ( Full Answer )

How does a plane takeoff?

A plane has to takeoff in the direction in which wind is blowing so that the airplane can get help when taking off at a speed of 160 knots. So for example you are going to California and the wind is blowing from Europe, you would have to takeoff from runway 13R if your at JFK and you would make a sh ( Full Answer )

What is the takeoff speed of a passenger jet?

Takeoff speeds of commercial passenger jets can vary greatly depending on aircraft design, weight, flap setting, runway condition, etc. However, most commercial jets take off somewhere between 130 kts (B737)and 155 kts (B747). The Concord had a takeoff speed of 195 kts.

What is the takeoff speed for the Airbus A380?

It varies a bit depending on things such as winds, take-off weight and air pressure (runway altitude), but under typical conditions take-off speed is around 150 knots (280km/h or 170mph).

How do airplanes takeoff?

Airplanes need to generate lift in order to take off and fly. The way they do this is to go fast enough on the ground so that the air passing over the wings generates lift in accordance with Bernoulli's principle. When sufficient speed is attained to generate the necessary lift, the plane will fly ( Full Answer )

What do you feel on an airplane takeoff?

When an airplane takes off, passengers will feel the accelerationand lift off of the plane as it leaves the ground. Sometimes thiscan make passengers nervous, or as it receives elevation, it canmake peoples ears pop.

What was the first aircraft to takeoff from a ship?

Eugene Burton Ely was the first person to takeoff from a ship. Ely took off from the USS Birmingham on 14 November 1910 while it was anchored in Hampyon Roads VA. He flew a Curtiss pusher biplane. On 18 Jan 1911 Ely landed his Curtiss pusher on the USS Pennsylvania in San Francisco Bay making the fi ( Full Answer )

How do spaceships takeoff?

Space ships take off by means of a source of mechanical force,usually a rocket engine, capable of developing a force greater thanthe total weight of the ship and everything in it. The force isthen applied to the ship and pointed upward. This cancels the forceof gravity, provides the ship with a litt ( Full Answer )

Fuel for shuttle takeoff?

The main engines use liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid oxygen (LOX). The booster rockets use solid fuel, which is Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP).

Takeoff Weight of an a330?

A330-200: Maximum takeoff weight 230 (233) tonnes; 507 (513.7) lbs. x 1000. A330-300: Maximum takeoff weight 230 (233) tonnes; 507 (513.7) lbs. x 1000

How do you do a construction takeoff?

Take-off is taking measurements and obtaining quantities of materials from a set of plans and specifications that will be required to complete a project. There are many different methods and software programs that make this process more methodical than just starting on page 1 and going through, but ( Full Answer )

What does the rocket takeoff from?

Your question is very broad. One of the things a rocket takes off from is called a launch pad. Launch pads are the place where rockets take off. But the things that cause it to take off are completely different. A rocket takes off or 'launches' from a concept called thrust. Thrust is when say I have ( Full Answer )

Can you land and takeoff a plane on autopilot?

There are auto landing systems where the plane can get to theground following a laser flight plath - Taking off is much simplerof the two as a plane whose airframe is set to take off needs justthe speed, direct and it will climb when the yoke is pulled back

How do spacecraft takeoff?

In the rocket engine large amount of fuel are burnt. The burning fuel expands and is forces itself out the bottom of the rocket. As it pushes down, it pushes the rocket up. If the force pushing the rocket up exceeds its weight, the rocket will take off.

What is more challenging takeoff or landing?

ANSWER landing because you can crash the plane and you must now how to do it. ANSWER Landing is more difficult because there are more variables that must be taken into consideration and controlled by the pilot(s). A pilot needs to reduce altitude and airspeed properly, set a rate of des ( Full Answer )

Why does the space shuttle rotate at takeoff?

The Space Shuttle accelerates greatly after lift-off, - to prevent any inadvertent damage to the nosecone that may occur due to this excessive acceleration, (bird-strikes, small insects, meteorites etc:) The craft is tilted so that the the main fuel tank will absorb any instances of impact. Hence th ( Full Answer )

How do airplanes land and takeoff?

Here's a very simple answer to a very complex question: To take off, an aircraft must accelerate to a fast enough speed so that the airfoils (wings) generate sufficient lift for the aircraft to overcome gravity (its weight) and become airborne. This is accomplished through the use of engines that pr ( Full Answer )

How does an airplane takeoffs?

The aeroplane takes off from the runway with the increase of speed to more than 280kmph.

How does flight takeoff?

An airplane takes off by accelerating in forward velocity until the lift being generated by the wings becomes greater than the mass of the aircraft, and overcomes gravity. Then the pilot usually brings the nose of the aircraft up slightly, increasing the "angle of attack". This means that by chang ( Full Answer )

Can a 747 takeoff from San Diego?

Yes they can land and takeoff at San Diego but they are seen as troop charters or charters for sport teams

How does airplane takeoff?

The aircraft gains speed. Its wing is curved on top and flat on bottom, so it gains lift. Then it soars into the sky with its nose pointing up.

How does airoplane takeoff?

Any object when it reaches certain speed it will be able to over come the Earth's gravitational pull. This is the reason why we feel like flying when we drive a car, etc. at a high speed. This Speed is proportional to the weight of the object. But still we do not fly. This is because our car ( Full Answer )

Why do they wet planes before takeoff?

I can think of no reason at all to wet an aircraft before take-off. If anything, this would degrade performance by adding weight, possibly also degrading the aerofoil efficiency (especially for laminar-flow aerofoils such as on high performance gliders) and possibly reducing cockpit visibility - try ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate max takeoff weight?

Well, first you will need to put the body of the aircraft inside a wind tunnel capable of at least 200 mph wind, see how many pounds of lift it creates. Depending on how much lift there is will determine how much weight it can take off with. maximum take off weight is calculated using the aircrafts ( Full Answer )

How do you takeoff an airplane in warrock?

Hold your forward key down (default W) then once you are going fast enough it will start to lift when it does pull your mouse back until the front goes up. [It's easier to learn if when you get in the plane you press V twice]

What its the takeoff speed for an airliner?

Take off speed depends on the make of airliner, the airport, the number of passengers and cargo being carried, the distance to the destination and the weather.

Who made the first air takeoff?

Abbas Ibn Firnas (810-887 A.D. ), a Muslim inventor, engineer, aviator lived in Cordoba, Spain, is known for an early attempt at aviation by making the first attempt at heavier-than-air flight in aviation history. The first person in aviation history to make the first air takeoff, using the glid ( Full Answer )

What is takeoff for pipe?

Take Off's are meant for what is the take off of a 10 90.that would be 15.a standard long radius 90 will be one and half times the diameter of the pipe.8 would be 12a short radius fitting would be different.the system this is it= works well.

What is takeoff velocity of rocket?

Exactly the same way it takes off from the earth. Gravity on the moon is so relativistically low that the propulsion required to reach an escape velocity is very very low compared to the earth.

Can glider takeoff without power?

No gliders can not take off without power otherwise they would just be sitting/standing were there mean't to take off.

Why does the takeoff direction change at Heathrow?

It's the world's busiest airport, ATC (Air Traffic Control) at Heathrow tries to accommodate most aircraft to land into the wind, so you would probably be taking off against the wind

Is takeoff spelled with a hyphen?

No. It is one, nonhyphenated noun. It refers to aircraft beginningflight, or metaphorically the beginning of a venture or startup. Ifused as a noun adjunct (takeoff speed), it never means the processof taking something off .

How do you spell takeoff?

It depends on the context. If a plane plans to take off , it is two words. The actual process, its takeoff is one word. If an item is a take-off (copy of another item) then it is hyphenated.

What are the specifications of construction takeoff software?

Construction takeoff software is that of the usual computer package that is not specified. The takeoff software specifications are found on the back of the box and is quite involved because of the uniqueness of its use.

How do elevators affect takeoff?

Elevators help your takeoff by raising the tail of the aircraft and putting the whole aircraft in 'flight' attitude.

What do you do when you have engine failure during takeoff?

Every aircraft have their own procedure . mostly in airlines when u r in takeoff run u will calculate vspeeds and depends on that the procedure will vary . for example you got one engine failure during takeoff run and itsbefore V1 speed you can abort the takeoff and if you alreadycrossed V1 speed y ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you have engine failure immediately after takeoff?

land on remaining runway / with in 30deg of center line. Avoid obstacles. DO NOT ATTEMPT 180deg turn!!! 1) Airspeed .. LOWER THE NOSE AND ESTABLISH PITCH FOR BEST GLIDE 2) Flaps .... as needed 3) power ..... as available 4) time permitting.... declare emergency 5) Mixture...... Idle cutoff 6) Igni ( Full Answer )