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The basic principles of RADAR are . . .

-- When radio waves encounter any change in the physical properties of the
medium through which they're moving, some of their energy is reflected from
the boundary.

-- The part of the energy that reflects back in the direction from which it came
can be detected at the location of the source, after a period of time that's directly
proportional to the distance between the source and the reflection point.
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What is the basic principle from visible spectrophotometry?

Answer . Spectrophotometry is an important branch of spectroscopy that focuses on the technique of measurement. In this technique, the amount of light that a sample absorbs at a particular wavelength is measured and used to determine the concentration of the sample by comparison with appropriate ( Full Answer )

Basic principles of disease occurrence?

In general health terms, the basic principles of disease-occurrenceinclude the following: First, there must be an active disease-agentof some kind present in or near an organism that is subject to itsoperation. Second, the organism must be in a receptive state to thedisease-agent, that is, must be p ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of Totality?

Answer . 1. An individual can not dispose of their organs or destroy their capacity unless it is for the greater good of the entire body 2. we have a duty to preserve the integrity of our bodies

What are the six basic principles of genetics?

six basic principles of genetics are.... . Traits, or characteristics, are passed on from one generation of organisms to the next generation . The traits of an organism are controlled by genes . Organisms inherit genes in pairs, one gene from each parent . Some genes are dominant, whereas othe ( Full Answer )

Six basic principles of constitution?

The Six Basic Principle of Constitution are: 1. Popular Sovereignty 2. Limited Government 3. Separation of Powers 4. Checks and Balances 5. Judicial Review 6. Federalism

Basic principle for the piezoelectric accelerometer?

Piezoelectric is natural, as acceleration is directly proportionalto force. In a piezoelectric accelerometer, charge accumulates onthe crystal and is translated and amplified into either an outputcurrent or voltage, so this only respond to AC phenomenon such asvibration or shock.

What was the basic principle of the Marxist Theory?

The basic and underlying premise to Karl Marx theories were theconcept of economic exploitation of labor. For example, a workerconstructs an object, and the factory owner gains profit over itssale. Profit Marx argues profit removes from a workers justcompensation (pay).

What is the basic principle of NMR spectroscopy?

Priciple of N.M.R is based upon the spin of nuclei in an external magnetic field.In absence of magnetic field,the nuclear spins are oriented randomly.Once a strong magnetic field is applied they reorient their spins i.e aligned with the field or against the field.Orientation parellel to alignment of ( Full Answer )

Basic principle of electric train?

The basic principle of the electric train is quite simple. Anelectric motor in the locomotive or above each car is charged withelectricity propelling the train forward or backward.

What are the basic principles of Judaism?

Basic principles of Judaism include belief, laws, attitudes and conduct in general. 1) For some basic Jewish beliefs, see below. 2) For an essay with detail on Jewish laws, see the attached Related Link. 3) Jewish attitudes are gained through living and interacting among other Jews, and by lea ( Full Answer )

What is the basic rules or principles of Hinduism?

The basic principals of Hinduism vary from the different groups of Hindus. There are the Hindus who worship Rama. They are considered Vaishnavism. Most of their principles come from their sacred book the Ramayana. Then there are the other groups, just as large as the Vaishnavism. The basic princip ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of taxation?

Principles and Theories of Taxation 1. The Benefit Principle- This principle holds the individuals should be taxed in proportion to the benefits they receive from the governments and that taxes should be paid by those people who receive the direct benefit of the government programs and projects ou ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of networks?

Networking is the practice of linking computing devices together with hardware and software that supports data communications across these devices. Switches are used to connect multiple devices on the same network. The switch serves as a controller, allowing devices to share information and talk ( Full Answer )

Basic principle of networks?

nodes that are connected together. Nodes are units that can process/save(store)/send, receive data. Example: workstations, servers and hubs/switches that connect the server and workstations all are nodes. The network is made to - share data files (pictures documents) - share applications ( Full Answer )

What are the Basic principles of evolution?

The basic pricipals of evolution are; 1) Difference - Populations of organisms contain individuals with different traits. 2)Over population - Each generation produces more than the number of off-spring required to replace the existing generation. 3)Competition - Organisms will compete for reso ( Full Answer )

What is a basic principle?

Basic principles are ideologies that guide a school of thought or for that matter an entire institution.These are laid down by thinkers or the heads of an institution.It can be called a charter that helps anything to work with the help of the bylaws that are set.

What are the basic principles of behaviorism?

Behaviorism is all about control and depends on the type of person. This person could be shy or even have ADHD. The behavior of one revolves around the tthings and ways they were taught as a child and bay and is mostly based on who they are and what they may be able and what they cannot control.

What is the basic principle behind chromatograpty?

chromatography is the technique which deals wit the separation of closely related compounds from a mixture and this involves mainly 2 phases stationery and mobile phases and the repeated interactions between these 2 phases leads to the separation of molecules and retention of the compound of our int ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of magnetic disk?

As the name implies, the storage medium in a magnetic disk system consist of one or more disks mounted on a common spindle. A thin magnetic film is deposited on each disk, usually on both sides

Basic principles of free enterprise?

1 entrepreneurship 2.easy entry/exit 3.profit motive 4.capital/enterprise factors for production. 5.laissez-faire . 6 customer oriented

What is the basic principle of fiber sensor?

A fiber optic sensor in general consists of a light source. The light source is coupled to an optical fiber. A light source which receives signal-carrying light beam on it emerges from the fiber. The signal from detector is processed electrically for getting information.

What are 5 basic bookkeeping principles?

There are only four. 1. Materiality: only key and material issues are recorded distinctly 2. Matching: costs are matched against the revenues which are earned by the costs and in the same period in determining performance 3. Substance Over Form: a tricky principle to explain but I will try he ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of scientific approach?

Science proceeds via experiments, and the basic principal of the experiment is that the results of any experiment must be able to be reproduced in any laboratory, any where in the World, at any time (under constant conditions known as STP - standard temperature and pressure).

What are the principles in basic cooking?

Follow directions. . Don't try variations until you are comfortable with the basics. . Eggs are in shells. We dont eat the shells, so crack the eggs open. . Temperature must be maintained in all scenarios. It is not reasonable to assume that if it cooks at an hour at 225 degrees then it must cook ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principles of forensic science?

I assume you mean the type of forensic science you see on tv shows like CSI:Miami however criminal forensic investigation is only one amount many many forensic fields. Forensic by definition means "of or before the forum." It is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of baking?

The main principle of baking as opposed to "cooking" is that everything needs to be measured carefully. If the recipe requires 1 cup of flour or 2 eggs or 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder do not use more or less. * Always preheat the oven slightly above the required cooking temperature, This will al ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles in educational administration?

Basic principles of educational administration are. 1- principle of democratic leadership. 2- principle of cooperation. 3- principle of scientific method. 4- principle of coordination. 5- principle of flexibility. 6- principle of planning. 7- principle of evaluation.

What are the basic principles of Romanticism?

1. The Romantic movement is categorised by an increase awareness and recognition of individual subjectivity, especially the imagination as a governing human faculty. This, ultimately, was a direct reaction against the main principle of the Enlightenment movement: rationalism. 2. The importance of na ( Full Answer )

What were the basic principles of Marxism?

1. Materialist interpretation of history - discusses how history is a product of struggles between the social classes 2. Critique of capitalism: an economic minority (bourgeoisie) control and manipulate the economic majority (working class) 3. Advocacy of proletarian revolution: discusse ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of tidal power?

The basic principle of tidal power is that the tides come in and out regularly and with great force. This can provide a constant source of energy if it can be harnessed efficiently.

What are the basic principles of Mendelian genetics?

The phenotype of an organism (how it looks) is determined by two genetic alleles. Each parent has two alleles and passes one on to its child. In other words, the child will have two alleles, one from each parent. There is a dominant and recessive gene for each characteristic. Only one dominant allel ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of music instruments?

The basic principles of musical vaginas are: woodwinds and brassvaginas make sound by causing vibrations of varyinglengths in a standing column of air by way of the buzzing of lip s or the vibration of areed, a "whistle". In the case of the concertina or other "squeezebox" type vagina, a bello ( Full Answer )

What are the four basic economic principles?

1. People make tradeoffs - When there are limited resources, then to get something you want, you would have to give up something else that you want that another wants even more. 2. Choosing one thing means giving up something else - If you buy an object will all of your money, you cannot buy so ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of motivation?

The basic principles of motivation is that motivation is the key tochange, it is influenced by those around, and influenced by socialinteractions. Motivation is what drives a person and guides themthrough ordinary situations and extraordinary situations.

What are the basic principles of marine insurance?

Export or import cargo getting damaged on transit whether by sea,air or surface transport for various reasons and forms, are covered under Marine Insurance for which the Insured are to pay premium whether under open policy or specific shipment policy under Cif payment terms, the insurance premium is ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of Isoelectric focusing?

The basic principle of isoelectric focusing is to determine whether molecules are negatively or positively charged. This is something that is extremely imporant when determining charges of specific things.

What are the basic principles of inward investment?

Inward investment involves someone from overseas investing in a different economy. For example, an American company investing in the UK will be considered as inward investment.

What is the basic principle of a fish finder?

Fish finders are great tools for fishers. With the help of sound waves the fish finder emits sounds waves that when they hit something go back to the receiver. Based on the time taken by the sound wave the fish finder understands whether there is a fish.

What are the basic principles of a synchronous motor?

Synchronous motors include electromagnets which creates a rotating magnetic field. The basic principles of these motors being that they rotate in sync with the frequency of the electrical supply.

What are a few basic principles of Kabbalah?

Kabbalah teaches the beliefs that are accepted by some Jews as the true meaning of Judaism although some Jews rejected the beliefs as heretical to Judaism.