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What is bigger earths moon or Mars?

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I think Mars is bigger than Earths moon.

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Is Pluto bigger than the earths moon?

no pluto is not bigger, it is the smaller the moon is bigger

How much bigger is mars than the moon?

Mars is roughly twice the diameter of the moon.

Is Mars bigger than Earth's moon?

Yes. By diameter Mars is about twice the size of the moon.

Is Mars bigger or smaller then mercury?

Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

What is the size comparison of the Moon and Mars?

Mars is bigger than the Moon, having about twice as much surface area as the Moon. Mars-6,788 km Moon-3,476 km

Which moon is bigger from Mars?

The answer for this question is Phobos. Phobos is bigger than Deimos. Phobos and Deimos are the moons on Mars.

Is Life On Mars Available online?

Yes, but only if mars have a bigger moon.

Does the earth's moon look bigger or smaller from Mars?

Without a telescope you probably couldn't see earth's moon from Mars.

Why is mars average temperature bigger than earths?

because mars has more of the extreme gases there than on earth..i belive:)

What does mars sky look like?

the same as earths just a different moon

What are earths closets neighbors?

Our moon is closest. Mars and Venus are our planetary neighbors.

Will Mars be as large as the moon in August?

Mars is always larger than the moon. However, I think you mean will it appear bigger than our moon. No - never - not even close.

What planet is the same size as the earths moon?

Mercury is roughly the same size, but it is bigger than our Moon.

What is makes Mars unique?

Mars is unique because Mars is made of pure metal and also because it is red and has two moon that there names are Phobos and Deimos.

Is moon charon is bigger than earth's moon?

Charon is smaller than the earths moon. It's radius is around 600km, while the Earths moons radius is around 1736km.

Does mars have any atmoshere?

Yeah, but only little, like on the moon, there is gravity but not as much as earths

Why did Mars become dry and lifeless?

mars once had 2 moons. the bigger moon circles mars. it protected mars from solar winds. it crashed into mars. it was vulnerable to solar winds.

Which is bigger the sun or moon?

sun>moon Earth>moon moon>Pluto Jupiter<sun Jupiter>mercury, venus, earth, mars, Saturn, uranus, neptune, Pluto earth>mars Callisto(One of Jupiter's moons)>Mercury

How many times larger is earths equatorial diameter then mars?

The earth is 1.88 times larger than Mars, that's almost two times bigger. Mars-3397km Earth-6378.1km

Is the earths moon bigger than the sun?

No! The Sun is the biggest star and thing in our solar system

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