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Q: What is called when a pig gives birth?
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What is a female pig called after it gives birth?

a sow

What is the process of a female pig giving birth?

When a pig gives birth she is Farrowing.

What is a pig called that is going to have little piglets?

A sow is a female pig and she gives birth to piglets (piglets are baby pigs) and a bore is a male pig.

Guinea pig labor?

when a guinea pig gives birth, it gives birth in peace, so your guinea pig will probably give birth while you're asleep. i don't know how painful it is for the guinea pig, but you probably won't see her in it

What is female pig that has given birth?

A female pig that has given birth is called a sow.

What do you call giving birth of a pig?

A pig giving birth is called farrowing. After the pig has given birth to her first litter of piglets, she is referred to as a sow.

What is it called when a pug gives birth?

When a dog gives birth, it is called whelping.

When a guinea pig gives birth how many are there?

If it is the first time pig gives birth then you can expect 1 or 2 small piggies. Else, there would be 3 or 4 small piggies.

Is a female pig called when they give birth to piglets?

If you mean what is a female pig called it is a sow

Which mammal gives birth to the most babies at one time?

The pig.

What is it called when female rabbit gives birth?

When a doe gives birth it is called kindling.

What are male female and baby pigs called?

A unaltered male pig is called a boar, an altered male pig is a barrow. A female pig that has not given birth is called a gilt and a female pig that has given birth is called a sow. Baby pigs are piglets collectively.

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