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i do know what this is it happen to me.. if it's a 4x4 i bet it's the u joint in the axle there are 2. 1 on the drivers front and 1 on the pass front they are there so when your in 4wheel drive the wheel will turn as the axle spins to give the tire rotation. one or both are dry and no good they are binding up....good luck its not that hard of a job to do and ujoints are cheap under $20

AnswerBroken steering box. AnswerCheck pitman arm at steering box, bent tie rod, steering linkage, jack up in air and turn wheels, look at linkasge rubbing on frame / tire HTH AnswerIf it's rack and pinon steering, a worn rack can prevent a Power Steering effect in only one direction. Many times, this will ease up a little as the vehicle warms up and the fluid gets circulating (not always), but it's something else to check.
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Q: What is causing a 1990 Ford F250 to turn only one way and not the other?
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