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There are many things that could make your computer to overheat, here are a couple of questions

- Poor ventilation - a bad fan, or a defective one. That, plus using the computer at a higher than normal capacity (like for example running a game) - Good computer ventilation, however with the computer placed in a closed space - a P3 could be successfully placed in a closed desk. However, placing a P4 in a similar space will make it to overheat.

Also check to see if your machine is extremely dirty, clogged with dust and dirt. If you have any pets watch out for pet hair and dust blocking vents.
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Q: What is causing your computer to overheat?
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Why is heat bad for the computer?

It increases the frictional component within the hard drive causing the computer to overheat and not function properly.

Is there a Problem with computer left in sun?

Yes, absolutely. Your computer will probably overheat, causing damage to the drives inside of it. Under no circumstances should computers be left out in the sun.

Does clone wars adventure overheat computer?

It docent Overheat mine

What is causing my Vauxhall Corsa to overheat?

Could be headgasket

Why is your computer blackout?

Overheat Processor.

Why computer room must have a good set of airconditions?

Colmputers components generate a lot of heat (up to 70oC or more). Without adequate air conditioning a computer may overheat - causing it to fail.

Does this computer have a tendency to overheat?

Does not have a tendency to overheat, however for best results use in a well ventilated area.

Someone said that they read that a virus can stop the fan cooling your computer can cause the computer to overheat is this true?

It's theoretical possible, but not likely. But if someone managed to do this, then yes, your computer would overheat.

How can your computer explode?

It can overload overheat and fry the system

Can the timing belt on your Camry be causing it to overheat?

No, but faulty water pump or thermostat can.

Can i put my computer tower near a radiator?

I wouldn't. You don't want to overheat the computer.

Will my computer overheat the glass top of a glass computer desk?

No, the melting temperature of glass is very high. Your computer components themselves, like the motherboard, would overheat and melt long before the glass desk top did.

Does the PS3 slim get hot fast?

It has a cooler causing it to never overheat as many have said.

What could be causing your 200 BMW 528i to overheat?

There are a few things that could be causing your 200 BMW 528i to overheat. You may not have the correct mixture of coolant in the vehicle. The problem could also be your thermostat. Have the thermostat checked out to ensure that it is working as it should.

Will improper airflow cause the computer to overheat?

Yes improper air flow will heat up the computer

Purpose of fan in computer?

so it doesnt overheat and d3stroy itself

Why would one of your belts keep breaking and the car overheat?

water pump may be locking up, causing belt to break and vehicle to overheat. have a good mechanic look it over.

What would cause an 1989 Firebird to overheat?

A lot of things could be causing that. First did you check your coolant?

What makes a computer overheat and shut down?

Using it to long ya dip!

What will cause a computer to overheat?

overuse, not powerful enough fans/cooler ,enviromental

What could be causing 2004 Suzuki Aerio to Overheat?

Probably would be in your best interest to check the head gaskets.

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Probably putting too much pressure on the bit causing it to overheat.

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Yes! if you have a cracked head chances are your oil and coolant are mixing together and coolant and or oil is leaking out causing the vehicle to overheat... if you have a cracked head fix it! do not drive the vehicle

What happens when CPU does not meet game requirements?

Most likely your computer will overheat and crash.

On a 97 deville can erg valve cause the engine to overheat?

It is possible if it was putting too much exhaust back into the engine causing it to run lean. I'd check for any computer codes for the EGR valve. They should tell you what is wrong.