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Once you stop taking the Birth Control pills you are able to become pregnant.

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Q: What is chances of being pregnant after being on pill for 3 years and then stop and you have irregular periods?
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Why is it hard to get pregnant with irregular periods?

because you have to have periods to ovulate, and with them being irregular, im sure it would be a lot more difficult.

Can you have all the symptoms one week before your periods and then all disappear near time to periods what are the chances of still being pregnant?

chances are about 1 in 18.

Can you still be pregnant if you get your period after being late for 1 month and you have no cramps?

You might not be pregnant, you know. Sometimes it's regular for your periods to be irregular.

What are the chances of being pregnant if your having a regular period?

when a person is having unprotected sex, the chances of becoming pregnant are 100%, no matter what the regulation of periods or ovulation dates are.

What causes missing periods?

Being pregnant is the most common, but in when you first have your period it can be irregular because your body is trying to get in a regular pattern of releasing eggs. Lack of food or being sick can also sometimes cause missing periods.

Is it less likely to become pregnant with a very irregular period?

Yes, because if you have irregular periods than you probably do not ovulate regularly. Which if you are trying to conceive could make it very difficult to determine when you will be able to conceive, because determining ovulation is difficult. Having irregular periods also means that you are ovulating less than someone who has a period promptly every 28-30 days which does in fact decrease your chances. With that being said, getting pregnant while having irregular period is not impossible. It might take a little more planning and time, but it is quite possible!! Goodluck to all those who are TTC out there :)

When does a women show signs of being pregnant?

A woman shows signs of being pregnant when she first misses her periods or when the periods are delayed.

Could you be pregnant if your breast feel heavy and you are having brown spotting but your irregular with your periods?

Theirs a chance you might be but its alwa ys better to get tested or check to be sure because those are some symptoms of being pregnant.

What are the chances of being pregnant if he used a condom?


What is the limiting age for being pregnant?

As long as you're having periods you can get pregnant.

What is aperiodicity?

Aperiodicity is the condition of being aperiodic, of something which may occur at irregular periods.

I have had my tubes tied for 4yrs. Recently I have had irregular periods. I haven't had a period in 4 months. Do you think I could be expecting?

It is possible for you to be pregnant after having your tubes tied. But personally after my tubiligation I also have irregular periods, I've even had symptoms of being pregnant. And it has been 7 years since my tubiligation. My Dr. explained to me that since I'm wanting to have another baby so bad that my brain is "convincing" my body that it is pregnant and that is why I will have the "ghostly" symptoms of pregnancy. But it's always best to make sure you are or aren't pregnant when missing periods just to be on the safe side. I hope this helped. :)

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