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Q: What is chlorination?
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What is the function of chlorination?

the function of chlorination is to help with the prevention of germs frm water

When was Edith Creek Chlorination House created?

Edith Creek Chlorination House was created in 1930.

What is water hyper-chlorination?

Hyper chlorination is the raising of pool chlorine levels to 10 - 20 times the normal level, much higher then shocking of a pool which is 5 - 10 times normal.

Monochlorination of ethane to ethyl chloride is more practical than chlorination of npentane Give reasons?

Because chlorination of n-pentane gives various isomers of C5H11Cl but chlorination of ehtane gives only ethyl chloride.

What are desinfectants used in chlorination?


What is break point of chlorination?

PENILE leanth

Why is slaked lime added to water after chlorination?

Slaked lime is added to water after chlorination as a coagulant to destabilize the electrostatic charges of suspended particles in the water.

Chlorination of water is effective against what?

Chlorination of water is effective against Escherichia coli which is a form of bacteria. This acts as a disinfectant for water that may possibly be contaminated.

The by-product of the chlorination of an alkane is?

hydrochloric acid

What is the process of removing contaminants from drinking water?


What is the strengths and weaknesses of chlorination?

what is the strength and weaknesses of clorine

How do you determine if water is clear after a well chlorination?

First thing to understand is it will NOT be clear for a 2-3 days after chlorination. This is normal - then after about a week, you test it with a pool clarity and Ph kit.

Chlorination of methane?

CH4 + 2Cl2 --> CCl4 + 2 H2

Why is chlorination unselective and brominaton selective?

why chlorine is less selective ?

How your local authority supply clean drinking water?

by chlorination

Which process is used in water treatment to kill bacteria?


What is the name of the product formed from the chlorination of ethyne?


What has the author Darrell Wayne Monroe written?

Darrell Wayne Monroe has written: 'Disinfection of settled and unsettled trickling filter effluent by chlorination' -- subject(s): Chlorination, Sewage, Purification

What has the author Paul R Brodfuehrer written?

Paul R Brodfuehrer has written: 'The effect of electron withdrawal on the chlorination of benzylcyclohexanones via the reaction of enamine intermediates with hexachloroacetone' -- subject(s): Chlorination

What is the process name for chlorine being added to drinking water?


What are the examples of unit process in chemical engineering?

chlorination,ion exchange,

What water do musk turtles have to swim in?

Fresh water with little to no chlorination.

What is the advantages of chlorine break point?

We can evaluate the end of a chlorination process.

What will be the no of chiral compounds after mono chlorination of 2 Methyl butane?


What is equation that describes the reaction between water and hydrochloric acid?