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An unused Club Penguin card number is 4204-5677-8162-8503.

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What is a unused club penguin six month membership card?

It is an unused Club Penguin six month membership card...

Does anyone have a unused club penguin gift card number that you can use?

i doubt people will give you the numbers. or they will give you the used number.

What is an unused Club Penguin membership activation code?

it is a unused membership on club penguin

Can i have an unused club penguin member card code?

yes you can here it is: DE233KGFRG

Does anyone have any unused Club Penguin Gift Card Codes that I could use?

No you don't have unused penguin gift card codes that people would give away for free!

Does anyone has club penguin gift card number?

You know i am on club penguin! And i dont have a gift card number. Soo...

What is a club penguin gift certificate PIN that is unused?

just type in the number and you will get a gift! Or are you just asking if its unused

What are some unused codes for a card deck for card jitsu on club penguin?

You have to buy the codes yourself from a local store.

Are there any unused card jitsu codes on club penguin that I can have?

sthu noob,club penguin is for babies if ur a baby i can tell u one but hahahahaha noob

Is there unused Club Penguin toy codes?

no,I tried a lot of codes that are unused,if you want a toy code,get a club penguin toy

Are there any unused club penguin mebership codes?

There is no club penguin membership code.

Unused membership code for club penguin?

The unused code is 11922hhagcoi2

Club penguin free membership card unused?

You can not get one free, unless someone gave you one for free

What is a Club Penguin gift card number?

Club Penguin certificate card numbers are only for those who have bought cards. If you would like to know a certificate card number I suggest you buy a certificate card.

What are the Club Penguin card series?

Here They are: Series 1: Club Penguin Trading Card Game Series 2: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Series 3: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Series 4: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water Series 5: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Second Wave Series 6: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow Series 7: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

Do you have any unused codes on Club Penguin?

I don't think anyone will give you their Club Penguin code.

Club penguin toy code unused?

If you want a club penguin unused toy codes buy a club penguin toy! It is unfair for other people to tell you their toy codes and they brought it!I do have a code, it has not been used BJS740ZR0

Tell me the number of a clubpenguin gift card?

The number on a Club Penguin gift card is only for the use of the person who bought or received the card. If you would like to purchase a Club Penguin gift card try Walmart, Toysrus, or Target.

Is there any club penguin unused membership codes?

no, not unless you buy a club penguin toy at Big W

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