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What is cognitive dissonance?


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sense of discomfort or distress that occurs when a person's behavior does not correspond to that person's attitudes


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The cast of Cognitive Dissonance - 2012 includes: Edmund Poliks as Laurence DeHavillard

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term which describes the uncomfortable tension that comes from holding two conflicting thoughts at the same time.

John Hutchison has written: 'Post-purchase dissonance' -- subject(s): Cognitive dissonance, Consumers

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person holds two more conflicting ideas about a product or service. Products that involve a high level of cognitive dissonance are those that involve a bigger commitment. The person may have the belief that they need a particular item, but they may also have the belief that they need to cut back on their expenditures.

The internal conflicts a person feels when he/she attitudes that are in opposition to each other.

The feeling of discomfort resulting from having conflicting beliefs.

its a theory written by god to know the behavior of an individual under certain conditions


Barbara Jean Grant Sibley has written: 'Use of reward and threat in the creation of dissonance in nursery school children' -- subject(s): Cognitive dissonance

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D1=(D x I)/[(D x I) + (C x I)] D1 = Overall Dissonance Magnitude D = Dissonant Element C = Consonant Element I = Importance of respective element

Helmut Kurz has written: 'Bankenmarketing und Dissonanztheorie' -- subject(s): Bank marketing, Cognitive dissonance

Because physicians have yet to fully understand mental illness thoroughly enough to teach patients how to adequately cope with cognitive dissonance.

I believe it can be both, while every article I read refers it as a negative thing, I believe that it can be very positive and constructive. Though I could be completely wrong. If I am not mistaken, my cognitive dissonance, and as George Orwell refers as "Doublethink" allows me to challenge my ideologies to find what is closer to the truth, instead of sticking with one thing I tend to see things from a wider perspective.

Discomfort or dissonance occurs when a consumer holds conflicting thoughts about a belief or an attitude toward an object. When cognitive dissonance occurs after a purchase it is called post purchase dissonance.Post purchase dissonance occurs because each of the alternatives considered by the consumer usually has both advantages and limitations. Post purchase typically increases as (1) the money value of the computer purchase increases, (2) the degree of similarity between items selected and items rejected increases, and (3) the relative importance of the decision increases

dissonance Dissonance, discord

perfection,I'm always right,I'm the best, My thoughts are perfect, Gods gift to the world. Example: Mitt Romney

Michael Hirsch has written: 'Creative response deficit in process and reactive schizophrenics' -- subject(s): Cognitive dissonance, Schizophrenics, Creative thinking

There was a dissonance noise when the plane landed.

Dick Ruimschotel has written: 'Explanation, causation, and psychological theories' -- subject(s): Causation, Cognitive dissonance, Explanation, Philosophy, Problem solving, Psychology

The Day of the Dissonance has 304 pages.

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