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A coherent detector uses the knowledge of the phase of the carrier wave to demoduleate the signal.

it's simply a product device , which multiply the AM signal by a sinusoidal signal having the same carrier frequency , followed by a low pass filter ( LPF). The product will shift the AM signal to 0 Hz and double carrier frequency , and the LPF will eliminate the later component.


Coherent detection

inCoherent detection

requires carrier phase recovery at the receiver and hence, circuits to perform phase estimation.

Sources of carrier-phase mismatch at the receiver:

inPropagationtalking causes carrier-phase offset in the received signal.

inThe oscillators at the receiver which generate the carrier signal, are not usually phased locked to the transmitted carrier.

coherent detection: Huge need for a reference in phase with the received carrier

inLess complexity compared to incoherent detection at the price of higher error rate.

Coherent ( synchronous ) detection: in coherent detection , the local carrier generated at the receiver in phase locked with the carrier at transmitter .

Non coherent ( envelope ) detection : this type of detection does not need receiver carrier to be phase locked with transmitter carrier

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coherent detection:

when the receiver exploits knowledge of the carrier's phase to detect the signal. the process is called coherent detection.

non-coherent detection:

when the receiver does not utilize such phase reference information. the process is called non-coherent detection.

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coherent detection the local carrier generated at the receiver is phase locked with. the carrier at the transmitter. Hence it is also called synchronous detection. In non coherent detection the local carrier generated at the receiver not be phase. Locked with the carrier at the transmitter.

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Q: What is coherent and non coherent detection reception?
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Why not? It is possible. Try to search for "Non-coherent sequence detection"

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In Coherent demodulation the incoming signal are in phase with the local oscillator signal. This type of detection used in satellite standards because direct uplink and downlink transmission and reception respectively through earth station hub. But in non coherent demodulation there is a phase discontinuouty due fading of the channel. This type of detection used in terrestrial applications (mobile wireless standards).

What is non coherent detection?

Non-coherent detection uses a product detector with a beat frequency oscillator to detect Morse code, CW transmissions or single-side band. It does not need carrier phase information at the receiver.

What is difference between a coherent detector and envelop detector?

What the difference between envelop and coherent detection of AM signals

What is non coherent detector?

A non coherent detector is a type of device that does not need a receiver carrier to be phase locked to a transmitter carrier. A coherent detector demodulates signals.

What is the difference between coherent demodulation and non coherent demodulation?

In case of coherent demodulation carrier used for demodulation purpose is in phase and frequency synchronism with carrier used for modulation purpose. For non-coherent demodulation it is not in synchronism.

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Jason Barry Brent has written: 'Coherent detection of QAM signals in land mobile radio'

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Envelope detection is used in an M-ary Frequency Shift Keying noncoherent modular because LOs are not required. Moreover, an estimate of 1dB of more power compared to the Frequency Shift Keying coherent demodulation.

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linear receiver. The more difficult case of a nonlinear receiver is deferred to Section 2.12. Consider the case of DSB-SC modulation Figure 2.36 shows the model of a DSB-SC receiver using a coherent detector. The use of coherent detection requires multiplication

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