What is combution?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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the process of burning of substences in air or oxygen with the evoluton of heat and light is known as combution.

i dont know you tell me

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Q: What is combution?
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What is the diff betn internal combution engine n external combution engine piston?

there is no such thing as an external combustion engine.. the closest thing to it was the steam engine...

Describe the ignition processes which initiates the combustion reaction?

oxygen initate the combution

Who invented the oil burning internal combution engine 1892?

Rudolf Diesal

What is the heat combution of magnesium oxide?

The heat combustion of magnesium oxide is -1203.6 kJ/mol. This value represents the amount of heat released when one mole of magnesium oxide undergoes complete combustion to form magnesium oxide.

How is a toilat work?

it has a high combution rate and is very flamible the poo will explode and kill everyone

Cubution chamber in jet engine?

combution chamber in jet engine .air and fuel mixer burned in combution chamber by using igniter, then burent fuel mixer having with high pressure and high temperature . stagnation enthalpy temperature increases due to combution fuel -air mixture.thrust :thrust is forward force , push the engine : thrust is reducing then velocity increases., of flight .bhanu chander, p.b college of engineering .aeronautical engineering -9092149838

Which will emit while coal combution at thermal power plant?

1.carbon dioxide 2.oxides of sulphur and nitrogen.

Why Diesel engine makes noise?

its own wiegth sound its combution sound and runningvibration sound i m tahir 0313.2570214 Karachi

Why turbochargers are used in SI engines?

i thought it is not possible to use turbo charger in s.i engine......bcz,the main function of turbo charger is to provide hot compressed air to cylinder for proper combution... and in s.i engine there s no need of hot compressed air ...bcz the combution s done with t help of spark..

What is another term for the combustion chamber in a furnace or fireplace?

Type your answer here... what is another term for combution chamber in a furnace or fire place.

What is external combution engine?

External Combustion engine is an engine in which combustion of fuel takes place outside the cylinder. e.g.Coal fired steam engines in trains

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