What is concurrent system design?

It is a systematic approach to integrated product design or product that emphasizes the response to the customer expectations and the combination of uniqueness and engineering. Concurrent Design mainly focuses mainly on the early phases of the project or product. Its central concept is the use of collocated sessions during which the team shares and discusses all design aspects in a structured way, usually in the presence of the customer.

Concurrent system design is a term used to describe many processes happening simultaneously at the same time. For example, in computer programs, rather than one task happening one after the other, two tasks happen at the same time. It reduces the time taken in processing.
concurrency is the tendency for things to happen at the same time. so i think concurrent system design is designing a system that will respond to a number of tasks sent at the same time and not cause any confusion, conflict or delays. an example is an elevator system in a building. the system has to respond to Andrew who is on the 12th floor and wants to go down to the 6th at the same time Sandra is on the 2nd and wants to go to the 11th.