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to take this special person to a special place like a movie,resteraunt, or even your place

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Is going out with your ex considered cheating?

No. Not unless you or your ex is in a relationship.

Is being in a committed relationship the same as going steady?

i would say yes, if you are seeing each other on a somewhat constant schedule then you are "going steady" I would agree, just add that 'going steady' was an oldies term, so it means the same thing as 'going out' would today. And that's considered a commited relationship.

Is Tulisa's relationship on the rocks?

No her relationship is going fine.

Is the relationship between a stepfather and child considered a relationship by marriage?


What is a relationship status?

It's like how your relationship is going or if you are dating or not.

What to do when a relationship is going bad?

End the relationship or try to do something to make the relationship better.

How do you know if a relationship is going well?

When a relationship is going somewhere, youand your partner connect not only in the physical, but in the psycologically and spiritual sense.

What if your relationship is going well then you are forced to move on?

This begs the question, "If your relationship is going well, why would you have to move on?" A good relationship should be able to withstand just about any hardship. It is not the relationship that fails; it is one or both of the people in the relationship who give up.

What is a visiting relationship?

A visiting relationship is a couple that have an intimate relationship but do not actually live together. It can also be considered as friends with benefits.

A realtionship can be damaged by?

A relationship can be damaged by cheating or in other ways being with another person.Example, say I'm going out with a boy named Colin and he was with another girl, that would be considered cheating.Another way to damage a relationship would be breaking their heart.

What is an adamant relationship?

It's not a easy going relationship. It's uncompromising. If your in this type of relationship then it probably won't work out.

What does Asuma going to say to Kakashi before he was going to die?

He was going to tell him about his relationship with Kurenai.

What does going steady in relationship means?


What do you do make your relationship going?

Patrick Probst

What is a mistletoe's role in this relationship?

to keep it going

Why do men and woman continue to be involved with someone who made it clear that the relationship it going no where?

The relationship may be going nowhere but the sex still feels good.

Ok so i went out with this guy and we only went out 3 times i was wondering is it just considered only dating and not like a relationship?

Three dates are not likely to be considered a relationship

Is Noah Cyrus in a relationship right now?

Currently she is not in a relationship but she used to be going out with Frankie Jonas

What is your relationship to your grandfathers cousin?

You would be considered third cousins.

What is my relationship with my mother cousin?

He/She would be considered your second cousin.

What would be considered biochemical evidence of an evolutionary relationship?


You are 15 years old and ive been going out with your boy for bit more than a year nowwhere is your relationship going to bring us how most likely will it end?

Please rewrite the question so it can be better understood. Are you going out with someone else's boyfriend or your own. If the relationship is going no where then get out. Where do you want the relationship to bring you? If it sucks now you already know how its going to end.!!!!!!!

Is an Internet relationship considered an affair?

Yes, an internet relationship is considered as an affair. Any time you emotionally (and even physically/intimately) invest in anyone besides your partner, you are having an affair

What did the enlightenment relationship like?

Well I am going to geuss the enlightenment relationship wasnt really any different than todays relationship. Why do you ask??

Is this relationship going to last?

No because ur doubting it

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