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93 decibels is pretty much standard when dealing with aftermarket exhuaust requirements. Some states are higher but none are lower.

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Q: What is considered loud exhaust in Michigan?
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Does a loud exhaust effect gas mileage?


What makes motorcycles loud?

the exhaust pipes

Why do women hate loud exhaust?

we hate it cause usually if its loud then it hurts the earth and smells alot. plus women like to talk to guys and if the exhaust is loud we cant be heard.

Why is engine so loud?

Maybe the exhaust is broken.

What causes your cars engine to run loud?

most likely it has to do with your exhaust. If you have a problem anywhere from the exhaust manifold all the way to the tail pipe it can get pretty loud.

How can you make loud exhaust sound louder?

Attach a bigger sports exhaust, simpler enough

How much is a loud exhaust ticket in California?

A loud exhaust ticket in CA can cause between $40 and $80. Sometimes a person can get the problem fixed and have the ticket dropped.

Are stock diesel exhaust systems louder than custom diesel exhaust systems?

While stock diesel systems are very loud they are not the loudest type of exhaust you can get. To get an exhaust that is extremely loud you're going to need to go with the custom or bolt on route.

Do loud exhaust make vehicles faster?

No.. If anything it makes it slower if you do not have the right muffler or exhaust system on it.

How do they determine that the exhaust on your vehicle is too loud?

A decible reader

What causes a Pontiac Sunfire to be loud?

Defective exhaust system.

Loud exhaust noise from front end of 2000 Prizm?

Loud exhaust noise from the front end is usually caused by one of several problems. The exhaust manifold gasket could be blown, the doughnut gasket could be bad, or there could be a crack in the exhaust itself.

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