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What is correct Traveling or travelling?

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Bangladesh Tourism Directory provides an inclusive travel and visit guide for Bangladesh. Fantastic & historical monuments such as Maharashtra (Archaeological website, 2500 BC. )#), Wari-Bateshwar ruins (450 BC - 2500 years of age ancient fort city), Ruins from the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur (Globe Heritage), Beautiful Seashores like Cox's Bazar Ocean Beach - World's greatest (125km) Organic, Sandy and Unbroken Ocean Beach & Kuakata Ocean Beach - From sea shore you can view both sunrise and setting sun, Palaces & forts associated with Bangladesh, Heritage & Social sites in Bangladesh & additional important destination in Bangladesh.

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Is it traveling or travelling?

traveling is correct.

Which is correct traveling or traveling?


Travelling or traveling which is correct?

traveling is the US spelling and travelling is the BE spelling.

What is correct travelling in or travelling to?

Both are correct according to context. For example: I spent a year traveling in Europe; While traveling to France, we stopped over in Belgium.

Which spelling is correct travelling or traveling?

The correct spelling is travelling.Example sentences:- Martin is going travelling next week.- The bus is travelling from London to Manchester.

Is this the right way to spell traveling?

That is the correct US spelling of "traveling."The UK version still doubles the L as travelling.

How do you spell traveling?


What is a sentence with the word travelling?

He likes travelling around the world.Travelling is not a cheap hobby.

Should i write travelling or traveling in an ordinary English note?


What is correct you have been on travelling or you have been travelling?

You have been travelling is correct. You would never say you have been on travelling, although for poetic emphasis you could say you have been travelling on.

When traveling north what directions is to right?

If you are travelling north and you turn right you will be travelling east.

Is traveling spelled right?


Is this the right way to spell travelling?

No. It is traveling.

Which is correct--traveling or traveling?


If you were to travel from Oregon to Wyoming what direction would you be traveling?

Travelling from Oregon to Wyoming you would be travelling east.

Where was the Mary Celeste traveling to?

It was travelling to UK from the USA.

Is the word traveling or traveling?

Traveling is the correct spelling.

What is the effect of traveling on the act of hospitality?

what is the effect of travelling on the act of hospitality what is the effect of travelling on the act of hospitality

What direction would you go if you were traveling from Georiga to Mississippi?

If you were travelling from Georgia to Mississippi you would be travelling west.

How do you spell travelling?

The present tense of the verb "to travel" is spelt travelling in Commonwealth English and traveling in American English.

If a car is traveling 100 meters in 1400 seconds how fast is it traveling?

If an object is travelling 100 meters in 1400 seconds, then it is travelling (100 / 1400) or about 0.0714 meters per second.

If a car is traveling at the same speed for a long time it is said to be traveling at?

The answer is that u r travelling with an average speed for that time or a constant speed . it also means that u are travelling with a uniform velocity.

What direction would you be going if you were traveling through Denver Colorado and Bismark North Dakota?

If you were traveling from Denver, Colorado to Bismarck, North Dakota, you would be traveling in a northeasterly direction.If you were traveling from Bismarck, North Dakota to Denver, Colorado, you would be traveling in a southwesterly direction.

How do you say happy traveling in french?

happy travelling = bon voyage

When traveling North which direction is to the left?

West is to your left when travelling North.