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It depends on the reasons for moving and the age of the child. How has custody of the child.

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Q: What is customary visitation when the child lives with the mother 3000 miles away?
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If a child lives with the mother and she is not the legal guardian may the legal guardian take the child?

The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed.The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed.The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed.The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed.

how does a father living in another state from the mother of the child file visitation rights for the child in the state he lives in ?

The interstate visitation rights act gives great information in the area of this question.

If a father terminates his rights can he collect child support from the mother if the child lives with him?

if the mother terminates her rights can he collect child support from the mother if child lives with him?

Can mother deny father visitation if he did not notify mother of his move and he has joint custody?

Only if he refuses to tell his new address. Both parents have the right to know where the child lives when with the other parent.

If a father pays child support and has visitation every other weekend can the mother move and not tell him where his child lives?

No. At the minimum, this is ground for a motion to enforce access rights, and change of custody. see link

If your child lives out of state where do you file a petition for visitation?

In the residential jurisdiction of the child. see links for more help.

How old does the child have to be to visit his father if the father lives in Texas and the child lives in Colorado?

The child may visit at any age if a court order for visitation is in place. If no such order exists or visitation has been terminated for any reason, the child can visit their parent when they reach the age of majority in their state, 18 in Colorado.

The mother lives in Ohio and the father lives in Pa so which state does the father file for visitation in?

Ohio if the mother has lived there for at least six months. see links below

Does the father have any custodial rights in Texas if the mother has custody but the child lives with the grandparents?

Do you have a court order saying you have visitation? Are you the biological father? If so then YES. Go back to court and file for custody.

If one parent has primary custody and the other parent has visitation which one is the custodial parent?

The custodial parent is the parent in which the child resides with. My son lives with me and I am the custodial parent, his dad has visitation rights and pays child support.

If the child lives in a different state and the father can not visit does he have to pay child support?

Absolutely. Visitation and child support are 2 different issues, separated in court. The child will still have to be fed etc regardless of where he lives. If it was that easy to get out of child support all people had to do was moving out of state.

What if a 17 year old male gets a 16 year old female pregnant what are his legal options to be with the mother of his baby The male is from Georgia and the female lives in North Carolina?

He has no legal right to be with/see/have contact with the mother of his child if her parents--or his (since he's also a minor)--are opposed to it. Once paternity is established he has the obligation of paying child support and the legal right to petition for court-ordered visitation with the child, but that is only for visitation with the child, not the mother of the child. well i think its there choice to be honest so just leave them alone and dont talk about them behind there back, ok? You should of thought of the consequinces before that night.

Whats the difference between full custody and sole custody?

Full custody means that one parent (the one that the child lives with) has the child 24/7 and the other parent has visitation with the child/children, sole custody is when one parent has the child 24/7 and the other parent is not allowed visitation.

If the father pays child support and the mother and child lives with him can the mother still get welfare?

Only if he's included in the claim.

If a child lives in Fl and father lives in NY how do you go about claiming child support?

The mother files in Florida and child support enforcement handles it from there.

Does father have to pay child support if he lives with the mother?

Child support is for absent parents.

When each child lives with a parent and the mother is custodian and has no income is the father responsible to pay support for the child who lives with the mom?


What is the standard visitation for a toddler whose father lives in town?

Assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, it is customary for a child to visit the parent without primary physical placement AT LEAST every other weekend. Often an additional visit during the work weekis granted. Normally, holidays are divided equally.

Is it legal for a father to take children for visitation if mother doesn't know where he lives?

yes, unless court order says otherwise.

When can a child refuse visitation in Wy?

At age 18. A child should always be taught to honor the authority of the court and the need of a parent in their lives. see links below

Can parents stop a father from seeing the babyin the state of Alabama?

The father does not have his own home for the child on visitation,what to do?Not if he has a court order for visitation.Visitation can be at the mothers house or where the father lives. If he does not have a place to live they can still see each other but not over night visits.

If a child lives with mom and dad has visitation rights how old can the child be before they don't have court rights to go to the fathers?

See Link Below'Child Refusing To Visit Other Parent?'

We have a court order stating we alternate who claims our child. The child lives with me and the father has visitation.. who is eligible to claim child on tax return?

You must alternate as provided in the court order.

Can the grandmother keep the father away from his child if the child lives there?

No, he has visitation rights. If she wont let him in the house he has the right to see his child somewhere else. If the court agrees he can also get shared custody.

If you have a paternity test done on your child who's thought father lives in another state can he file for custody or visitation rights?