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It removes the gases present in the steam,given by heaters.dearater is necessary otherwise the gases in steam will corrode the boiler and also affect the turbine.

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Can you have a diagram of how Thermal Power Plant works?

Thermal Power Plant

Temperature measurement in thermal power plant?

how to measure Temperature in thermal power plant

What is difference between thermal power plant and steam power plant?

both are same........thermal power plant is one which produces power by means of steam....

What is pithead power plant?

It is type of thermal power plant

List the major thermal power plants in India?

The list of thermal power plants in India include the Mundra Thermal Power Station in Gujarat; and Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station in Madhya Pradesh. Also included are Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant, Talcher Super Thermal Power Plant, and Sipat Power Plant.

Largest thermal power plant in Asia?

Chandrapur thermal power station

What is the reason for the location of major thermal power plant?

because most of the thermal power plant requires a lot of water

Why steam turbine is used in thermal power plant?

A steam turbine extracts thermal energy for steam, hence it's use in a thermal power plant.

What are the power plants available in Tamil nadu?

Thermal power plant,Hydro power plant,Nuclear power plant,Diesel power plant.

What is the Cost of 1 MW generation of power in thermal power plant?

The cost of 1 MW power generation is Rs. 5.0 crores in thermal power plant.

Should a power plant where the prime mover is a gas turbine be categorized as a thermal power plant?

No, a power plant that uses fossil fuels such as gas or coal, cannot be classified as a thermal power plant. A thermal power plant uses the heat from deep within the earth, combined with water to create steam, which then powers the turbines.

Top 5 thermal power plants in India?

The top five thermal power plants in India are: Jindal Tamnar Thermal Power Plant and Sipat Thermal Power Plant which are both located in Chhattisgarh. Talcher Super Thermal Power Station located in Odisha. Satpura Thermal Power Station located in Madhya Pradesh and Rihand Thermal Power Station located in Uttar Pradesh.

Advantage and disadvantage of conventional thermal power plant?

diesel power plant disadvantage

What does a thermal power plant do that a coal power plant doesn't?

In a thermal power plant, the conversion of thermal heat into rotational energy is achieved. This can be achieved by using the thermal heat from burning coal or from burning oil or from burning gas or from steam generated by solar means (insolation). In a coal power plant the thermal heat obtained from burning coal is converted into rotational energy, which drives the generator and eventually, electrical power is generated.

How does a reactor work on thermal power plant?

Reactor is used for distilling water in thermal power plants.

Which power plant has maximum efficiency?


Largest power plant in India?

The Mundra Thermal Power Station, in the Kutch district of Gujarat, is currently the largest operating thermal power plant in India. It is owned and operated by Adani Power.

Does thermal energy run on gasoline?

Gasoline can combusted and given out thermal energy but I suspect the questing ask about thermal energy plant. Thermal energy plant usually referred to Geothermal power plant or Solarthermal power plant. Geothermal plant run on the thermal energy from earth and Solarthermal run on the solar radiation transformed to heat. If the question ask for the latter then no, thermal energy plant doesn't run on gasoline.

How many thermal power stations are in India which are thermal power plant?

Pora po inka nuvventi cheppedi

How does thermal oil power plant work?

a power plant works by burning oil to make electricity.

How maintain preassure in a dearater?

pressure can be maintain by regulating the steam or controling the steam entering in the dome of the dearater tank.

On what base can you do your project?

thermal power plant is best

First Thermal Power Plant of Orissa?


How many thermal power plant are there in mauritius?


Where is maximum soot released from?

thermal power plant

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