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Dedicated fax machine is the main fax machine that can be configured to where the fax will be receive and support extension fax machine.

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Q: What is dedicated fax machine?
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Will fax be received even if I answer the phone?

This is one disadvantage of using fax machine, you cannot receive a fax when your phone is off hook. Unless you have a dedicated phone line for the fax machine alone. Internet fax on the other hand does not require a dedicated phone line and a fax machine. All fax documents are sent over the internet connection, which means you can send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere.

Disavantage of fax machine?

Fax machine needs a dedicated phone line, paper,ink and costly to maintain. Where as internet fax service eliminates all of these disadvantages and do not impose long distance charges.

If your fax machine is turned off would you still receive your fax when it is turned on?

Yes, you can. There is also a new technology that does not require you to have a dedicated phone line and a fax machine in order to send and receive fax documents it would only need an internet connected PC, a service provider and online fax account.

What is the difference between an answering machine and a fax machine?

a answer machine is to keep answers on there and its for when u dont answer the phone and a fax machine is for your fax

Can a fax be sent from a paper fax machine to a paperless fax machine?

Yes, a paperless fax machine will receive the fax digitally instead of just immediately printing it out.

Differences between a fax modem and a fax machine?

Fax machine is the machine that send and receive fax, while fax modem is the gateway where the fax info passes each transaction.

What do you need to send a fax?

If you prefer the old faxing technique you need fax machine and telephone line. For internet fax you don't need a dedicated phone line it would only require Internet connected PC and your online fax number.

How do you fax to Ecuador?

You can use fax machine. There are establishments who offer this paid service. Also you may avail of the internet fax service where in you can send faxes using your online account. No need for a fax machine and a dedicated phone line, as long as you have an internet connected PC and a provider you can send and receive faxes cost effectively.

What are advantages if you send a fax from a fax machine?

The main advantages of sending a fax from a fax machine are that you can have a single piece of equipment (the fax machine) dedicated to sending and receiving faxes. You then have a centralized record of what faxes were sent (usually just the date, time, fax number, and number of pages) to check to see that an attempted fax transmission was successful. You also do not have to worry about compatibility issues, particularly around file types for images sent over the Internet, since all fax machines can use the same default protocol.

How do you send fax to England from United States?

You use a fax machine! You use a fax machine!

Is a fax machine a printer?

It can be if you have a 4 in printer with fax, but if it just a fax machine it not a printer, Most of the old fax machine only linked to the phone and not to a pc.

How can you send a fax from a fax machine?

Feed the fax file in fax machine, dial the fax number then after a ring tone press send. Then Fax will be sent.

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