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What is defense day?

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Multimedia will help spread the information age to millions of teachers/learners who have not yet used the computer. Multimedia educational computing is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today.

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What defense does the yellow headed day gecko have?

The yellow headed day lizard hides in bamboo for defense

What are the ratings and certificates for Day of Defense - 2003?

Day of Defense - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

What department is responsible for the day to day control of the military?

Department of Defense

Which cabinet department is responsible for the day to day control of the military?

The US Military falls under the venue and control of the the US Department of Defense and the Secretary of Defense.

What are the release dates for Good Day Sacramento - 1995 Self Defense at Good Day Sacramento?

Good Day Sacramento - 1995 Self Defense at Good Day Sacramento was released on: USA: 28 March 2011

Why do you celebrate total defense day?

we celebrate total defence day because that day is singapore fall on our independence day.

What day did Chuck Hagel become secretary of defense?

February 27,2013

Why do you celebrate defence day in Pakistan?

defense day is celebrated in Pakistan as a national day on 6 of September in memory of those who martyred n the indo Pakistani war of 1965 and successful defense of Lahore , Sialkot and other important places of the country.

How do you change night to day in Pokemon tower defense 2?

It changes automatically

Why was d-day such an important day?

D day was considered the turning point in the war. where instead of the allies playing defense they invaded German controlled territory.

Why do we commemorate total defense day?

It is to remember what had happened to Singapore during World War 2...

Is there another Pokemon tower defense?

towers are the best when its at it all day everyday ma yurd.

Who is in charge of the department of war to this day?

The Department of War was essentially replaced by the Department of Defense in 1947. The Secretary of Defense heads the Deparement, and the position is currently held by Robert M. Gates.

Why do they have Veterans Day?

To honor all those who have worn the military uniform in defense of their nation, war or peace.

What total defense day means to me?

It means all the Singaporeans unite as one to safeguard the country's future

What is the sentence for defense?

defense is as important as offence. defense is your first offense.

Why were the seven hills surrounding the earliest roman settlement important?

The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.

Is Veterans Day only for those who have died or for ALL veterans?

Anyone who has worn their nation's military uniform is a veteran, and honored on Veteran's Day. Memorial Day is for honoring the dead in defense of their nation.

Does Missouri have a make my day law?

Yes, Missouri has a Make My day Law aka a Castle Doctrine or a Defense of Habitation Law. This means you do not have to retreat before using force in defense while you are in your own home. In Missouri, this extends to any building or vehicle where you are living, whether permanent or temporary.

What are the basic types of defense attorneys?

Criminal defense and insurance defense.

What is the title of the head of the Department of Defense?

The Secretary of Defense leads the department.

The department of defense is headed by?

The US Department of Defense is headed by the Secretary of Defense

Is it a sin if you kill in defense?

No, no killing in defense is not a sin. It's a sign of defense.

How is a defense mechanism?

What is a defense mechanism

How do you spell defense in hockey?