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Importance of Multimedia

Multimedia is fast emerging as a basic skill that will be as important to life in the twenty-first century as reading is now. In fact, multimedia is changing the nature of reading itself. Instead of limiting you to the linear presentation of text as printed in books, multimedia makes reading dynamic by giving words an important new dimension. In addition to conveying meaning, words in multimedia serve as triggers that readers can use to expand the text in order to learn more about a topic. This is accomplished not only by providing more text but by bringing it to life with sound, pictures, music, and video.

Multimedia will help spread the information age to millions of teachers/learners who have not yet used the computer. Multimedia educational computing is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today.

Fueling this growth are advances in technology and price wars that have dramatically lowered the cost of multimedia computers. The growing number of internet users has created a larger market for multimedia. The new tools are enabling educators to become developers. Noting how multimedia is used to enable individuals to create course material, that once required teams of specialists, individuals can now produce multimedia desktop video productions.

Commercial and educational available generic courseware to support commercial products are emerging. For these reasons, it is important to share information about what goes into the development of multimedia, and the appropriate use of multimedia, so that educators can make wise choices in selecting instructional applications.