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Desktop publishing is the use of the computer and software to create visual displays of ideas and information.

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What does DTP stand for in computer terms?

Desk-Top Publishing.

What does DTP stand for?

DTP commonly stands for Desk-top Publishing.

What has the author Andrew Lucas written?

Andrew Lucas has written: 'Desk Top Publishing' 'Desktop Publishing' -- subject(s): Aldus PageMaker, Desktop publishing, Macintosh (Computer), Programming

What does the Computer Abbreviation DTP stand for?

There are two I know of : Data Transfer Process Desk Top Publishing

What is DTP technology?

DTP stands for Desk Top Publishing. It was a technology that started in the 1980's by companies such as Apple, HP, Adobe and Aldus to revolutionize the publishing industry.

What is full form of DTP?

1. Desk-Top Publishing (computer software) 2. Diptheria Tetanus Pertussis (a vaccination)

What is a widow or orphan in desk top publishing?

an orphan falls above a column or page while awidow falls below

Where can you find an answer sheet from Mcdonald publishing?

no where the teachers desk

What is a personal computer designed to fit on the top of a desk?

desk top

What one is faster a lap top or desk top?

Usually ... a desk top will be quicker because speed equals heat and a desk top can have bigger heat sinks. Note that there will be exceptions, but in the long run the desk top will stay ahead.

What does DTP stand for in computer terminology?

Desk Top Publishing. It's referring to that type of software. It's the creation of printed materials using page layout on a personal computer. Search Wikipedia under "Desktop Publishing" for much more details.

What is the value of a roll top desk made by the Chicago Desk Manufacturing Company?

What is the value of a roll top desk made by Rowlett Desk manufacturing Co. Richmond, Indiana?

How do you put a password on a desk top icon?

I want to put password in ther desk top icon . How shall i do it??

What is a desktop for a computer?

A desk top computer is any computer that sits on a desk top. Basically it is any computer that can't be anywhere but your desk. It is just too big.

What makes a laptop desk not just a desk?

A laptop desk is different in many ways from a traditional wooden desk. One difference is its portable, the other is its a bean bag with a top on it for placing a laptop on comfortably on top.

How do you say the laptop is on top of the desk in spanish?

the laptop is on top of the desk

Is there a mini filing system for desk top use?

There is usually a mini filing system you can buy in stores that either sit on top of your desk or can be place on the floor besides your desk.

How are desk top computers used?

The same as laptops, but typically on a desk, not a lap.

What is a desk top?

Christians Chode.

What is a DTC?

desk top computer

How do you get photos for your google profile?

drag your pic to your desk top then press choose a file and choose desk top then select your pic

Are there bunk beds with a desk on top?

I'm not answering, I'm just adding so it makes sense (Cause I wanted to get a regular set; bunk on top and desk on bottom. And another set with desk on top, and drawers or a small dresser on bottom. Then stick them side by side). That way you could have a desk up top so you could put a TV up there or have desk up by your bed for homework or something.

What are computers used for in the education sector?

desk top lap top

Tell me the Difference between laptop and desktop?

The main difference between the lap top and the desk top is that,the lap top can be carried to anywhere we wish.But the desk top cant be carried any where and it is fixed.

What is that desk chair from the nineteen-eighties called?

Swivel chair to a roll-top desk.