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What is determination?

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Determination is when you dont give up,you keep on trying.

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How do you use 'determination' in a sentence?

You have to use grit and determination to succeed.

Sentence for Determination?

The kid had determination.

What is the abbreviation for the word determination?


What is a sentence for the word Determination?

the kid had determination

What is the verb from determination?

The verb from 'determination' is 'determine'.

What is the Definition of self-determination?

Determination by one's self; or, determination of one's acts or states without the necessitating force of motives; -- applied to the voluntary or activity.

What can a determination do?

Determination is one the greatest assets we can possess.1.Determination is the tool we use to overcome temporary failure to prevent failure from becoming permanent.2. Determination is the tool we use to give us the will to win.3. Determination is the tool we use to help us win in spite of our limitations.4. Determination is the tool we use to dig ourselves out of a hole.5. Determination is the tool we use to improve our relationships.6. Determination is the tool we use to reach our goals.7. Determination is the tool we use to succeed.8. Determination can bring out the best in us.9. Determination is the tool we use to produce patience.10. Determination is the tool we use to feed our faith and starve our doubts to death.And these are just a few examples what a determination can do. There are more things that have determination but this is a very good example to what a Determination is.

How can you explain your determination?

you can explain your determination by explaining what you are good at

Is determination an adverb?

No, determination is a noun. The adverb is determinedly.

What is a sentence using self-determination?

You know someone has no self-determination when they ask silly questions on

What is a sentence with the word determination?

It is the determination of this junta that the minutes of the previous meeting will always be presented at the beginning of the following meeting. That shows a lot of determination.

Value of determination of the prisoner of zenda?

who determination the prisonder of zenda

How is coefficient of determination and coefficient of correlation is related?

coefficient of determination

How do you write a sentence using the word determination?

You need to have lots of determination to climb Everest. His determination enabled him to achieve good grades.

What is a sentence containing the word determination?

he was filled with determination to finish his report.

Was Mohandas Gandhi an advocate of gradual reform and self-determination?


Irish Gaelic translation for 'determination'?

In Irish it's diongbháilteacht

What is determination of ethiology of a disease?

The determination of a disease is the influence of Galen. This is what determines what it is.

Determination of halogen containing compounds?

How did Abraham Lincoln show determination?

Lincoln Showed his determination, in everything he did. He showed determination in freeing the slave, and bringing the south back into the Union.

Ten application of redox titration?

1-determination of ferrous [Fe+2] ion in a sample solution in(g\L).2-determination of (ferrous and ferric )in a mixture. 3-determination of purity of KClO3 sample. 4-determination of [fe+2] in unknown sample. 5-determination of total iron [Fe] in an iron ore. 6-determination of [Fe+3] in a sample. 7-determination of available chlorine in bleaching powder.

How would you use determination in a sentence?

"His determination on the matter was second to none" etc.

What is a good sentence with the word determination?

Determination was one of my ways reaching my goal.

Use the word determination in a sentence?

After much determination, she finally solved the problem.

What part of speech is the word determination?

The word determination is a noun. It is the act of determining.