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In C++, enum signifies a slightly stronger type than in C.

For example, in C, one could write:

enum Direction { UP, DOWN };

Direction d = 1;

In C++, this would be illegal, only UP or DOWN can be assigned to a variable of type Direction, though there is still implicit casting to integer, so one could still write:

int i = UP;

Another difference has to do with the way variable are declared in general in C++. In C, once the enum was declared as above, declaring variables of type Direction would have to be done through the enum keyword, like this:

enum Direction d = UP;

In C++, the name "Direction" becomes a type in itself, so you can write:

Direction d = UP;

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Q: What is difference between C enum and C plus plus enum?
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// for definition of enumerated type: enum [tag] [: type] {enum-list} [declarator]; // for declaration of variable of type tag: enum tag declarator;

In c plus plus you cannot assign integer value to enum?

That is correct - In c plus plus you cannot assign integer value to enum - You can only assign an enum value to an enum. Even though an enum looks like an integer, it is not. It is an enum, and C++ implements strict type checking to reduce the probability of bad programming practices. enum ColorCode {black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white}; ColorCode myColorCode; myColorCode = yellow; Even though yellow has an integer value of 4, you cannot say myColorCode = 4.

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In C++, an enumeration (enum) is a group of constants. In C++11 an enumeration is a class of constants.

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If you want safety in enums, use an enum class rather than an ordinary enum. Ordinary enums can be implicitly converted to their underlying type whereas enum classes cannot. Enum classes are also scoped to their class, which avoids name-clashes when two enumerations have the same member.

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