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Both flammable and combustible mean apt to burn.

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Q: What is difference between flammable gas and combustible gas?
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What is the difference between hazardous and flammable gas?

Capable of igniting and burning is a combustible gas. Any compressed gas meeting the requirements for lower flammability limit, flammability limit range, flame projection,etc. All flammable substances are surely combustible, but all combustible substances are not essentially flammable.

Is ammonia a combustible gas?

Yes it is slightly flammable.

What does a Combustible gas indicator measure?

concentration of a flammable gas in air

What is difference between flammable gas and toxic gas?

Flammable gas will burn. Toxic gas is poisonous. A gas can be toxic, but not flammable, flammable but not toxic, both, or neither.

Is methane gas combustible?

Yes. Methane gas is highly flammable, which is why we burn it as fuel.

Is chlorine a corrosive combustible or flammable?

Corrosive, but it also 'burns' with hydrogen gas

What is the difference between hydroge and helium?

Helium is the lighter gas but hydrogen is very flammable

Is hydrogen gas combustible?

Hydrogen gas is not combustible (ignition temperature > 100 degrees C), it is flammable (ignition temperature < 100 degrees C -- in fact, if you have gaseous hydrogen, it'll burn.)

What type of fire extinguisher for class 2 gas?

Class 2 gas only means it's compressed and includes flammable/combustible, poisonous and inert (non-flammable, non-toxic) gases. You would only need a fire extinguisher for flammable gas, which is Class B.

What safety symbols would appear on a can aerosol hair spray?

- compressed gas - oxidizing material - flammable and combustible material

Is neon combustible?

Neon is not a combustible gas.

What is the main color on chemical safety signs?

Flammability is a measure of how easily a gas, liquid, or solid will ignite and how quickly the flame, once started, will spread. Flammable liquids themselves are not flammable; rather, the vapor from the liquids are combustible.

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