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A guideline is a suggestion. You don't have to follow it but it is recommended. Instructions are to be followed.

So a guideline is more like a suggestion and instructions are like orders.

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What is the difference between strategies and guidelines?

Strategies give you specific instructions and/or ideas on what to do (alright, we are going to do this and that, at this speed - specific instructions). Guidelines, on the other hand, are just tips that help guide you in the right direction (alright, you should probably stay away from this, but keep this in mind).

What is the difference between law and guidelines?

Law is enforceable but guidelines are only an indicator.

What is the difference between rule and regulation?

Rules are defined as guidelines for smooth operation. Regulations are the process of monitoring the following of rules and guidelines.

What is the difference between Guidelines and Guidance?

The difference between guidelines and guidance is that the former is usually stipulated by rules and regulations and comes in written format. Guidance, on the other hand, is not binded by rules and is a form of support which is typically given verbally.

What is the difference between policy and guidelines?

the basic difference between policy and guideline is the policy is rules for whole org. and guideline is rule for execution of some work.

Difference between teaching and learning?

Teaching is to provide instructions and knowledge to someone. Learning is receiving those instructions from the teacher.

What is the difference between a set of instructions and a process?

A set of instructions tells you how or why to do something. A process analysis is observing your experiment after an experiment is created. ----

What is the difference between training guideline and training manual?

Manual is more detailed step by step Guidelines.

What is another word for guidelines?

The word guidelines is a noun and means directions. Other words that mean guidelines are ground rules, codes, protocols, instructions, and markers.

Difference between an instruction and a pseudoinstruction?

Pseudo instructions:Pseudoinstructions are instructions which expand into several machine language instructions to provide commonly needed functionality.

What is full form of DRIVING?

Design rules in various instructions & guidelines.

What is the difference between definition and guideline?

consistency. Guidelines : These consist of recommended, non-mandatory controls that assist the standard

What is the difference bitween explanations and instructions?

Explanations are how something are made and instructions are more command like... P.S. whoever asked this wrote between wrong

What is the difference between instructions and explanations?

Explanations are how something are made and explanations are more command like...

What is difference between data and instruction?

Data is what is saved inside while instructions is what u instruct to do

Is there a legal difference between rules and guidelines?

Rules must be followed (You can get in trouble with the law for not following rules) but guidelines are suggestions. You are free to follow them or not as they are more along the lines of "helpful hints".

What is the difference between ethics and little ethics?

Regular ethics are the science of morals, and morals or little ethics are guidelines of ethics.

How do you follow guidelines with or without supervision?

Guidelines are written instructions on how to do something. You just follow what is written. Supervision means that someone is checking you are following the instructions (probably while you are learning your new job or as part of an audit process).

What is the difference between a menu and a recipe?

A menu is a list of dishes, while a recipe is instructions on how to make the dish.

What is the difference between instructions and instruction?

instructions means more than 1 instruction (ex.go home and do your homework) but instruction means 1 instruction (ex.do your homework)

What is difference between software characteristics and hardware characteristics?

there are several difference between computer hardware and software .fundamental difference between hardware(keyboard,printer) is a physical device and software is instructions that given to the computer(window 2000,microsoft office )etc

What is the difference between procedures and protocols?

A procedure is a set way to do something. A step by step process. Protocols are guidelines only on how to do something.

What is the main difference between RISK and CISK in information technology?

The main difference is that RISK will try to execute lines of elementary instructions with very fast factor.

What is difference between code and standard and specification?

A Standard can be defined as a set of technical definitions and guidelines thatfunction as instructions for designers, manufacturers, operators, or users ofequipment.A standard becomes a Code when it has been adopted by one or moregovernmental bodies and is enforceable by law, or when it has been incorporatedinto a business contract.

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