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What is different between amd and Intel?


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November 28, 2009 1:37AM

First AMD in thebeginning only copied the Intel circuits and worked hand in hand with Intel, after a while AMD started creating it's own processors, and a competition started between AMD and Intel, since that we have seen many thing, many wars won by AMD and many won by Intel, now it seems that Intel is focused on insanely expensive processors that more or less fail to deliver the quality and performance claimed, and AMD is making very cheap processors but a huge performance lack is seen here also.
The differences between AMD and Intel can be separated into more aspects:
1) performance
AMD has less good but more cheap processors and Intel has very expensive processors with higher processing power.
2) marketing strategy
Intel relies on it's huge performance advantage compared to AMD and mainly orients towards servers, AMD is focused on more mainstream computers and has lower prices.
In my opinion, i would prefer to buy a motherboard with 2 CPU slots for AMD Phenom BE processors and than a core i7 and a good motherboard, the AMD version would rip Intel a new one, and the price would be almost the same, with the balance tipped on AMD's side.
Did not quite understand your question, but i hope my answer helped at least a bit. Cheers