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Q: What is dover castle made from?
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When was the Dover castle made?


When was Dover castle made?


What was Dover castle made out of?

stone and cerement

What is dover castle made of?

well, it is made up of bricks and cement

When was Dover castle built?

dover castle was built in 1180

What is the population of dover castle?

The population of Dover castle is 28,156.

Where is the Dover Castle located?

Dover Castle is a castle located in the town of Dover. Dover is in Kent county in the country of England. It is the largest castle in England and is known as the "Key to England."

What is the name of the castle on top of the White Cliffs of Dover?

Dover Castle !

What did dover castle look like?

To look at photos of dover castle click on the link below named "google images: Dover castle".

When did they build dover castle?

William the conqueror built dover castle in 1066

Where was dover castle built?

In Dover, England.

What is the capital of Delaware dover or new castle?

the capital of Delaware is Dover not new castle

What sort of castle is dover castle?


Does Dover Castle have a drawbridge?


Who worked in dover casle?

people worked in dover castle !

Where is dover castle?

Dover castle is located in Dover, Kent, England. The castles Post code is CT16 1HU‎ In the county of Kent, UK

How was dover castle attacked?

Dover castle was attacked by French troops that first assaulted the castle and then dug tunnels underneath it trying to get in.

Was Dover castle a motte and bailey castle?

Yes it was.

Is Dover castle a stone keep castle?


Did Dover Castle have a moat?

No. Hilltop castles rarely do. dover Castle was - and still is - surrounded by a dry ditch.

What was dover castle used for?

Dover castle was used to defend England from all the people that wanted to invade England

Was Dover Castle ever attacked?

In 1216, the French laid siege to Dover Castle but they failed to capture it. However in 1295 the French attacked Dover and burned it.

Which castle is called the Key of England?

The dover castle. It is the largest castle in England.

What surrounded dover castle?

a moat

How big is dover castle?