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An eCommerce portal is an online store where you can buy or sell products. It has a payment interface to facilitate digital payments. Like other sites, an ecommerce site too has a front end and a back end and deals with a lot of electronic services like funds transfer, electronic data interchange, inventory management, online data processing etc.

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A e commerce website is a place to do business through internet, sellers and customers communicate and do the deal through internet. there are many types of ecommerce business, such as b2b (business to business), this is wholesale type, b2c (business to customer), this is retail type, o2o (online to offline). It's a potential market place.

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E-Commerce (Web-based business) also called electronic trade or web business, alludes to the purchasing and selling of merchandise or administrations utilizing the web, and the exchange of cash and information to execute these exchanges.

Web-based business is frequently used to allude to the offer of physical items on the web, however, it can likewise portray any sort of a business exchange that is encouraged through the web.

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Any website that exchanges goods or services for money is considered an e-commerce website.

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Online Shopping, buy products online, online purchasing, etc. You can take the example of myntra, Flipkart, etc.

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Q: What is ecommerce website?
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Where can a template for eCommerce be viewed?

A template for eCommerce can be viewed on the offical website of the company "eCommerce" where there are plently of templates to test and view for any user.

professional ecommerce builder?

Looking for ecommerce website builder? Don't worry I will suggest you with one of the best ecommerce website builder in India. Alakmalak Technologies is one of the leading ecommerce website development company in India. Having experience of more then 15 years and have completed more then 3000+ project. For more information visit Alakmalak Technologies.

Is there a free ecommerce website?

Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart are among some of the sites offering free ecommerce platforms.

How Much Does it Cost to Design & Develop an eCommerce Website in Mumbai?

There is no such fixed rate for eCommerce website development in Mumbai. The rate varies from the size of the website to its design, platform, number of products and their images, number of pages, and so on. If you want to design an eCommerce website, you can expect the cost to get started from 25k to 30k on average.

What are the uses of a eCommerce website?

There are many uses of a eCommerce website. You can use them to pay bills or to keep track of what you have spent in the past month. It will allow you to keep a budget for your family.

eCommerce Hosting?

form_title=eCommerce Hosting form_header=Get eCommerce hosting and allow users to purchase goods and services directly on your website. Does your current website have a working shopping cart system?= () Yes () No Do you need a payment processing service included with your hosting?= () Yes () No How many products exist on your website?=_

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Will ecommerce help my develop a new website for my blog?

Ecommerce can help you develop a new website for your blog. However, you will still have to do a majority of the work on your own as they can only help so much.

What are E-commerce and E-bussines?

Ecommerce is the process of transaction of good and services over the internet whereas ecommerce business is building an ecommerce website for your business in order to sell your business online.

Which is the best Ecommerce website in the world?


Which website won the eCommerce category of the 2012 Australian Web Awards?

WorldWeave (a website for a company that makes Eco- friendly Rugs and Interior products) won the eCommerce category of the 2012 Australian Web Awards.

How To Create an eCommerce Website?

The eCommerce Website Builder is the most powerful way to build and publish websites. No coding skills are required. Any size website, with features like unlimited designs and themes, mobile menu, and pricing plans. JoonWeb eCommerce website builder provides you the creative flexibility and latest features to develop a website as per your needs. A simple website builder designed for small businesses. We provide you with the tools you need to create your dream site.