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What is egg substitue?

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Egg substitue is a liquid sold in cartons, that is usually a blend of egg whites, food starch, corn oil, skim-milk powder, tofu, artificial coloring and a plethora of additives. It contains no cholesterol but each serving is almost as high in sodium as a real egg.

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What is the real egg ratio egg substitue when you do not have substitue carton?

If you do not have an egg and are trying to use egg subsitute instead one ounce equals one egg. This is the ratio we use at my cafe.

Can you substitue egg whites for whole egg when cake mix calls for whole eggs?

Yes, but the cake may be dryer than it would be with whole eggs.

What can be substituted for eggs in an omelette?

There a plenty of egg-substitue products on the market. Otherwise, if you make a thin pancake or crepe, that can be used to fold over into an omlette.

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How do you substitute real eggs when a recipe calls for egg substitute?

Cooking with Egg SubstitutesUsually the measurements are on the carton that the egg substitute comes in (just like artificial sweeteners do.)Egg to Liquid Egg Substitute Conversion:1 egg = 1/4 cup egg substitute2 eggs = 1/2 cup egg substitute4 eggs = 1 cup egg substitute8 eggs = 1 pint carton egg substituteJust reverse it if you need to use eggs instead of the egg beaters or egg substitue.

Cold you substitued fraiche cream with sour cream?

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