Albert Einstein
General and Special Relativity

What is einsteins theory of relativity?

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What did steven hawkin do?

He made Einsteins theory of relativity "Beautifull". He proved Einsteins original and not his revised theory of relativity was indeed correct. But most of all, he is an amaising person! He made Einsteins theory of relativity "Beautifull". He proved Einsteins original and not his revised theory of relativity was indeed correct. But most of all, he is an amaising person!

What are some scientific theories?

Einsteins Theory of Relativity.

What is a scientific theory give an example?

E=MC2 Einsteins theory of relativity

What were Albert Einsteins accomplishments?

the theory of relativity & quantum mechanics.

What theory did Einsteins theory of relativity replace?

Speed of light is constant, not the other things.

When Einsteins theory of gravity general relativity gained acceptance it demonstrated that Newtons theory had been?


Is the Ether Theory any better in explaining the laws of the universe than Einsteins General Theory of Relativity?


Why is zero important for Einsteins theory of relativity?

Without Zero it would be impossible to measure anything.

How is Einsteins theory of relativity used in modern maths?

I think the question must be the other way round!

When was einsteins theory of relativity published?

The theory of relativity is actually a conglomerate of two theories which Einstein theorized at different times. Special relativity was published in 1905 and changed the scientific world until some of the ideas could not hold up to scrutiny. It was then that Einstein published the theory of general relativity in 1916.

What are einsteins postulates of relativity?

For the Special Theory of Relativity, the basic postulates are:The relativity principle, i.e., laws of nature are the same for observers in different reference frames.The speed of light is the same for different observers.

What is super-relativity?

As defined by a patent "The Theory of Super Relativity is a proposed Theory of Everything that extends Albert Einsteins Relativity Theory. It is based on the Classical physics concept of a Tensor Field which describes space as a variable geometric quantity. All material objects are made from this object which is space itself, and force is mediated by this object.

Again I ask why was Einsteins Relativity Theory at odds with Quantum Physics?

Einstein's Relativity is at odds with quantum physics because they both work at different levels and under different conditions.

Why is Einsteins Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics at odds?

Einstein's Relativity Theory is at odds with quantum physics because Einstein's theory works at a macroscopic level, while quantum physics works at an atomic level, and things at the atomic level work differently from the macroscopic level.

What was Einsteins accomplishment or discovery?

he dicovered the theoryof relativity

Einsteins all theories in all subjects?

if you're wanting someone to explain them, its gonna take a lot of research. this isn't gonna get you much. sorry. i wish i could name them for you but i cant. all i know is the theory of relativity and the theory of special relativity.

Who wrote the Theory of Relativity?

Galileo Galile wrote "the Theory of Relativity", and Einstein wrote the General theory of relativity and the special theory of relativity.

What is the Theory of relativity equation?

the theory of general relativity or special relativity?

How can we know that people traveling at or close to the speed of light will not age as fast as someone not traveling at such speeds when we have no means of reaching such speeds?

Einsteins theory of relativity

Who discovered black holes theory?

It was first proposed in 1783 by John Mitchell of the Royal Society and later "rediscovered" by Karl Schwarzschild as a possible result of Albert Einsteins theory of general relativity.

How can you use the word theory of relativity in a sentence?

Einstein's theory of relativity encompasses two theories: special relativity and general relativity. The theory of relativity is simply referred to as relativity in the field of physics.

Doesn't burning one gallon of diesel creating 22.2 pounds of CO2 violate Einsteins general theory of Relativity?

No. Why would anyone think so?

What is einsteins connection between his theory of relativity and the atomic bomb?

The Albert Einstein's personality itself. (He was one of the creator of atomic bomb and participated in the project Manhattan.)

Is evolution theory or a fact?

It is a theory, but that does mean that it isn't well supported by science. Example: Einsteins relativity is still a theory but it is widely regarded as theory because all evidence shows it does not work and there is scientifically reliable evidence against it, just as with evolution.

What is the equation for the theory of relativity?

There are several equations in the Theory of Relativity.