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To provide information that is easy to understand

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Emphasis is drawing extra attention to some aspect of what is being described.

Emphasis can be achieved in many ways, among them are:

  • A special graphic to indicate that this is important
  • Special formatting (bold or italic), indenting etc.
  • A checklist of important details at the end of a chapter
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Emphasis is the principle of the paragraph composition in which the important ideas are made to stand. In here it is very important that the main points of the writer should be evident inside the paragraph.Having an emphasis can be achieved by using some devices such as the use of emphasis by proportion, emphasis by pause and emphasis by position. In the emphasis by proportion, the subordinate ideas should be given less substance while ideas which have greater importance should be given more substance. In the emphasis by pause, the emphasis is established by making chapter divisions, paragraph breaks as well as mark of punctuation. In the emphasis by position, the beginning and end of the paragraph are considered as crucial points where emphasis should be placed, emphasis are usually positioned in these places

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The first principle of technical writing is good grammar. Write concisely â?? no fluff. Always use active voice in your writing. Always use positive statements. Avoid long run-on sentences. Last but not least, always use the correct punctuation.

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Q: What is emphasis in technical writing?
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