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Fish and chips

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Q: What is englands national meal?
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What is englands national mammal?

The English Bulldog.

What is Englands national tree?

The English Oak.

What is englands national summer sport?

Cricket is England's national sport.

What is the name of New Englands only national park?

Acadia national park

What is englands national symbol?

The Lion and the Unicorn in chains.

What is the melody of God Bless America?

englands national anthem

Did the British during seven year war debt?

doubled englands national debt

What are englands national colores?

United Kingdom = red white and blue England= red and white

Does englands rugby team play union or league?

England has national teams for both rugby union and rugby league

What was New Englands economy?

englands economy is weens

Is englands energy imported or exported?

Most of Englands energy is imported.

What is Indias national meal?

There is no single national meal in India. Typically people from south consume a lot of Rice while people from north eat a lot of Roti's.