What is environmental consciousness?

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Living in such as way as to minimize one's negative impact on the environment.
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What is consciousness?

Consciousness: Consciousness is the core of our life. At the lower extremity it just keeps us awake spending very little power and at the other, it supplies all the available power to fight for survival. In between, it supplies power depending on the power available and the necessity of the tho ( Full Answer )

What is level of consciousness?

do it . a person's level of consciousness is the level of awareness they presently exhibit. For example, under certain types of anesthesia, people can seemingly be alert and answer questions, but not feel the searing pain of the knife rip open their flesh as the doctor operates. In this type of ( Full Answer )

What is marketing consciousness?

This can be about ethicalness. For instance, was sony's viral marketing campaign on brooke fraser ethical?

What is waking consciousness?

Waking consciousness is a kind of mental state wherein it enclosesthe feelings, idea and thoughts of an individual. Wakingconsciousness occurs when a person is awake and active.

What is Super-Consciousness?

Answer . super-consciousness is what we call self-realization......... it is the highest position a person can attain to reach god...... it means that the person who has attained this stage has realized that the god is in yourself and resides inside you.........

What is cosmic consciousness?

It is your consciousness when considering the cosmic reality.. AND / OR. It is the consciousness of the cosmos itself, as a living entity.

Why did consciousness evolve?

When a crab sees a piece of food, the locating vectors are registered in the animals sensory phase space. The information is reconfigured using tensors, in the crab's motor phase space so that the pincer may extend to the location of the meal. No one knows if the crab is conscious of this event, but ( Full Answer )

What is false consciousness?

False Consciousness . False consciousness is the Marxist thesis that material and institutional processes in capitalist society are misleading to the proletariat, and to other classes. These processes betray the true relations of forces between those classes, and the real state of affairs regard ( Full Answer )

What is color consciousness?

Conscious of color and having a good color sense as to what colors go together that most people find pleasing. Considering color in your environment, dress and other areas. You could bereferring to someone sensitive to colors as a consistent trait or characteristic of their personality, their person ( Full Answer )

What is national consciousness?

National consciousness is how a whole group of people may see things and life or how they think the majority sees things, whether they really do or not. It is supposedly how the majority of people in a country view most things or commonly held beliefs in that country, even if all of them aren't uniq ( Full Answer )

What is autonoetic consciousness?

It is the type of consciousness involved with reliving past moments and remembering relevant information to current events.

What is stream of consciousness?

IT IS WRITING IN WHICH THE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS OF THE WRITER ARE RECORDED AS THEY OCCUR. It is a form of writing that, rather than having an obvious plot with an obvious beginning and end, dips in and out, possibly of the thoughts of the characters, demonstrating how they interact. It is also use ( Full Answer )

What is the collective consciousness?

It is the consciousness of an individual when thinking about the collectivity. AND / OR It is the consciousness of the collectivity itself, as an abstract living entity. Some kind of middle point to which we can all refer.. And/ Or. It is the realisation or understanding of common thought of ( Full Answer )

What is consciousness for?

Whatever you want it for. Something good, I hope. Many are making a whole new view of things and a whole new world. That would be a good usage, I would think. I'd say it's for looking into the present and the future to see what we want to make of it. It's to see a flower and the birds circling in th ( Full Answer )

What is Environmentalism?

environmentalism is advocacy for or work toward protecting the natural environment from destruction or pollution.

What alters consciousness?

Consciousness is altered by emotion or deep thoughts such as fear of death, guilt, inner desires. Sometimes your mind begins to adapt to your subconscious when this happens.\n. \nconsciousness is altered when the conscious mind presieves that an alteration is necissary in the scene that ones mind h ( Full Answer )

What determines consciousness?

Actually we are all aware or conscious when we are awake. There are different levels of sensitivity to our environment or having a numbers sense or good with words. It's what your conscious of as a rule, although you can go into a sort of zone as in sports while on the court. You might be in touch w ( Full Answer )

What is green consciousness?

Mainly being conscious of the environment, clean sources of power and sustainable uses of the planet that don't waste resources. Not just conscious, but including such considerations in your action, being involved at some level in the environmental movement.

Is consciousness biological?

My answer to the question of consciousness being biological is that it is not biological. There are no proofs nor adequate concepts that the mind can produce to verify this position. Language is based on understanding and experience both collectively and individually which does not have a vocabulary ( Full Answer )

What is the Era of Consciousness?

It is anexpression used in different contexts. Sometimes it refers to newinsights and awareness in science and the arts thanks to theever-faster progress in knowledge and technology, sometimes tobetter awareness of local values and convictions vis-à-vis those ofother communities, thanks to the ea ( Full Answer )

What is a civic consciousness?

Alright brosky civil consciousness is the things that you do to give back to the community, such as volunteering,charity work, etc.

What is quality consciousness?

QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS is a term intended to describe a state ofbeing whereby an individual's consciousness - that is his or herconscious purpose in being - is focused on producing a qualityresult or outcome from his or her actions. In an organizational sense, QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS means the same,bu ( Full Answer )

Is consciousness real?

Of course consciousness is real or you couldn't experience it! It's just not understood yet, like the nature of heat wasn't understood in the 1800's. I believe consciousness works through endogenous light forming a "nexus" in the brain's ventricles which allows a tiny bit of God-consciousness (or ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by 'consciousness'?

To understand consciousness we must know precisely what body and mind are. The skeletal muscular system is the one and only system of our body that can be felt and controlled. Skeletal muscles contract in two distinct ways. They are, 1. Isotonic contraction: This results in shortening ( Full Answer )

What is diversity consciousness?

Diversity consciousnessn is the recognition that communities andworkplaces in the U.S. have become more diverse over the years. Bybeing aware of this fact, each company can be prepared to takeadvantage of diversity benefits and potential conflicts that resultwhen people with different backgrounds co ( Full Answer )

What is gender consciousness?

Being aware of the differences between male and female and creating opportunities for realizing the potentials despite the observed differences

Effects of consciousness?

Before anything came into existence there was oneness, this singularity was all there was completely all knowing, everywhere and nowhere present, and all powerful. Being all there is to be already, it knew that it could not be what it was not. In its magnificence it was aware of how grandiose it was ( Full Answer )

Is hypnosis a state of consciousness?

Hypnosis is an 'altered state of consciousness' (ASC) that isqualitatively different from normal waking consciousness.

What is your consciousness to do with 6th sense?

Many people claim that they have eperienced a "sixth sense". Often, it is a paranormal claim, but extra awareness does in fact exist. To be frank, conscienceness has nothing to do with it. The sense is actually an evolutionary trait used for survival. The most common report is of an awareness beyond ( Full Answer )

What is career consciousness?

Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person 's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)". It can also pertain to an occupation or a profession that usually involves special training or formal education, and is considered to be a person's lifework.

What is written in stream-of-consciousness style?

A.The bird shot out of the tree. B.Over the trees and into the distance flew the bird. C.The bird circled in the sky. D.Flying past the birds the clouds with joy joy joy. idk

Where did the word Consciousness came from?

It's an "emergent property", a property that's only expressed in a system due to interactions of the parts of the system, rather than a property of the parts themselves. Think of a point in 3-D space. It has only one property, location. But with two points, you can have 'distance'. With 3, you ca ( Full Answer )

What is Christ consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is the state of mind where all things are seen and felt to be one. Christ Consciousness is the universal consciousness, the God consciousness, the state of being where rational thought is transcended and personal enlightenment has been obtained. Christ Consciousness is oneness. ( Full Answer )

What is physiological consciousness?

Physiological consciousness is the theory that consciousness may arise from a purely physiological perspective, discounting any creative force.

I have a car showroom I use a lot of lighting in my showroom but due to heavy electricity bill and environmental consciousness I want to know about how to save electricity?

If you are using the ordinary incandescent bulb then you should firstly replace all your lights with energy saving bulbs like CFL, LED and Halogen. They saves a large amount of energy and electricity bills and are also eco-friendly. But when you buy these bulbs better look for Energy Star rated ligh ( Full Answer )

Is consciousness a verb?

No. Conciousness is a noun. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( exist, stand, etc ) or occurrence ( happen, become, etc ). A noun is a word that is used to describe a person ( man, lady, teacher, etc ), place ( home, city, beach, etc ) or thing ( car, ( Full Answer )

When you die is their consciousness?

no one knows for sure but i have had freinds who have flatlined and been resuscitated and they tell me all pain goes away and you feel as if your floating id say maybe but physical logic says know your consciousness happens because of your brain and when you go so does your brain so id say no when y ( Full Answer )

Why you have a consciousness?

Consciousness serves an evolutionary purpose. Conscious beings can make conscious decisions, which can be superior to automatic or instinctual decisions made by organisms that are not conscious. Better decisions lead to better survival.

Is consciousness computable?

The question of consciousness being computable is debatable.However, there is no evidence that the brain performs any functionthat can't be computed or simulated.

What is the plural of consciousness?

Since there is broadly a lack of necessity for the plural form of consciousness, there isn't necessarily a cataloged form of it. Because of this, forms of a pluralized consciousness are often denoted in terms such as a "hive mind" or "collective consciousness".

What constitutes consciousness?

If you mean consciousness as opposed to being unconscious, theanswer is awareness of stimuli and surroundings. However, if you're asking what consciouness is ,scientists have been mulling over that question for a few centurieswithout being able to form a consensus and pin it down. Opinion:the reaso ( Full Answer )

Does the Cosmos have a Consciousness?

Some people believe the cosmos has a consciousness. Most, however,don't believe that the cosmos has a consciousness at all and isjust a collection of matter.

What is nondual consciousness?

Nondual consciousness is a belief system that argues that there issome wholeness that always exist at an particular time.