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Consciousness resides in the cerebral cortex.

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Q: Where in the brain does your consciousness reside?
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Where on the brain the function consciousness depend on?

Consciousness is controlled by the cerebrum of our brain.

Which state involves the entire brain?


Which part of the brain responsible for consciousness?

No single part of the brain is responsible for consciousness. The brainstem, diencephalon, and cerebral hemispheres are all involved in consciousness.

Which region of the brain is necessary for consciousness?

The cerebrum

What part of brain depends on consciousness?


Which sate involves the entire brain?


What area of the brain is in control of consciousness?


Consciousness utilizes which parts of the brain?

the answer is all of these

Why do humans lose consciousness?

Humans lose consciousness when the oxygen supply to the brain gets low.

What has the author John Boghosian Arden written?

John Boghosian Arden has written: 'Rewire your brain' -- subject(s): Neurosciences, Memory, Brain 'Science, theology, and consciousness' -- subject(s): Consciousness 'Consciousness, dreams, and self' -- subject(s): Consciousness, Dreams, Self psychology, Social aspects, Social aspects of Consciousness

What is the medical term meaning brief loss of consciousness caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain?

Syncope is a brief loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen.SyncopeSyncope - Temporary loss of consciousness caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain.

What is the hard problem of consciousness in simple language?

There is a few problems that can come with a consciousness. Some of the things that a consciousness can cause are memory loss, hurting and swelling of the brain.