What is equal to the mass of a proton?

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The neutron has about the same mass as the proton, each has a mass a tiny amount greater than 1 AMU (atomic mass unit). The neutron is the smallest bit more massive.

The electron has a mass of just a bit over 5/10,000ths of an AMU. Extremely less massive in comparison, isn't it!
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Is the mass of an electron about equal to the mass of a proton?

No, it isn't. The mass of an electron is significantly smaller thanthat of a proton. The mass of 1,800 electrons is about the same as the mass of onesingle proton. The antipa

Do protons and electrons equal the atomic mass?

Protons and neutrons equal atomic mass. Although an atom has the same amount of protons as electrons, saying that electrons + neutrons = atomic mass would be incorrect as t
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Do protons and neutrons have equally mass?

No, although their masses are very close. The difference is noticed when one considers the internal structure of the particles: a proton is comprised of two up quarks and one