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A cubic centimeter is equivalent to a milliliter.

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What is equal to 1 milliliter?

The milliliter is equivalent to the cubic centimeter.

A milliliter is equivalent to?

1 milliliter = 1,000 liters 1/1,000

Why is a milliliter in medicine called a cc?

CC stands for cubic centimeter and is equivalent to a milliliter.

What is a cubic centimeter equivalent to?

A cubic centimeter is equivalent to 1 milliliter.

What volume is equivalent to 2.7 liters?

2.7 liters is equivalent to 0.0027 milliliter

What does one milliliter have a volume of?

A milliliter is itself a unit of volume. It is also equivalent to one cubic centimeter.

What is a cubic milliliter?

A cubic millilitre does not make sense as a milliliter is already a unit of volume equivalent to a cubic centimetre.

What is an equivalent of a milliliter?

A millilter of water is equal to 1 gram

What is 80cc of water in milliliter?

cc and ml are equivalent measures.

What is the value of a milliliter?

It is 1 millilitre! That is equivalent to 1 cubic centimetre.

How many milliliter in cubic centimeters?

The volumes of 1 milliliter and 1 cubic centimeter are equivalent. That is: 1 mL = 1 cubic cm

What does a milliliter measure?

A milliliter is a unit of capacity equal to one thousandth of a liter, and equivalent to 0.033815 fluid ounce or 0.061025 cubic inch.

Is one milliliter equivalent to one gram?

Not necessarily, it depends on the substance that is one milliliter, if it is water then yes but 1 milliliter of gold doesn't weight one gram and same for many other substances.

How many milliliter in tablespoon?

1 US tablespoon in equivalent to 14.7867648 ml. A teaspoon is equivalent to 4.9289 ml.

500 mg equals milliliter?

The milligram is a unit of mass and the milliliter a unit of volume ! But for water 500 mg is approx. equivalent to 0,5 mL.

Is 1 milliliter equal to 1 drop?

No, one drop of blood is equivalent to 0.05 ml, then one milliliter of blood contains about 20 drops.

How do you convert grams to mililiters?

Simple: 1 gram is equivalent to 1 milliliter.

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