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There are eukariyotic micro oragnisms.Fungi types,algae types and every protozoan are eukariyotic micro organisms.

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Do hair cells have organelles?

If they are eucaryotic, then yes they do. and I'm pretty sure hair cells are eucaryotic.

The eucaryotic cell organelle that most resembles a bacteria cell is the?

the eucaryotic cell organelle that resemble bacteria is MITOCHONDRIA

Are lipids eucaryotic cells?

Yes, they are.

What is the structure of a eucaryotic cell?


What is the difference between procaryotic and eucaryotic cells?

One of the main differences is in what the names mean. Pro- means before. Cary- means nut (nucleus) and -otic means the process of. So Procaryotic means before the process of the nut (nucleus). These cells are rather primitive and where here long before eucaryotic cells. The word eucaryotic means the process of the new nut. The eucaryotic cell has a membrane around the nucleus and the procaryotic cell does not. Bacteria are procaryotic and our cells are eucaryotic.

What is eucaryotic?

If you mean Eukaryotic then that means they have a nucleus.

Is the animal kingdom prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Its eucaryotic

Are viruses classified as procaryotic or eucaryotic?

I don't knnow

Most prominent structure in a eucaryotic cell?


Do bacteria have chloroplast in them?

No. Only eucaryotic cells can have chloroplasts in them.

Is anthrax prokaryotic or eucaryotic?

Anthrax is a bacteria,prakaryotic.

Has a nucleus?

If you mean cells-eucaryotic cells all have nucleur

How many types of cell?

There two types of cell procaryotic and eucaryotic.

What is a cell that contains nuclei?

a eucaryotic cell is one which has a definite nucleus

The orderly division of chromosomes during eucaryotic cell division is called?


Name the structure present in an animal cell but not in a plant cell?

eucaryotic cell

Are plankton beneficial microorganisms or harmful microorganisms?

They are beneficial microorganisms.

Where are phospholipids found in eucaryotic cells?

The cell membrane, also known as the "phospholipid bilayer".

Is muscle tissue Eukaryotic?

The term "eucaryotic" refers to the entire living beings, not to individual tissues.

What is the definition of microorganisms?

define microorganisms

How can disease cause microorganisms?

Microorganisms can cause disease, but disease doesn't cause microorganisms.

What is the biggest microorganisms?

the biggest microorganisms is protozoa

Can microorganisms grow?

no, microorganisms can't grow!

Are there microorganisms in salt?

Salt kill microorganisms.

What is the harm of microorganisms?

10 harms of microorganisms