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What is fetal tissue?

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an organ transplan from a dead fetus to a person who may have leukemia, Diabetes, or something else.

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What is the meaning of 'fetal'?

"Fetal" refers to anything that relates to a fetus. For example, "fetal tissue" is the tissue of a fetus.

Who discovered fetal tissue research and when?


Why is a transplant consisting of fetal tissue less likely to provoke an immune rejection response than tissue from an adult?

Why is a transplant consisting of fetal tissue less likely to provoke an immune rejection response than tissue from an adult?

What tissue covers and protects the lungs in a fetal pig?

The pleura cover and protect the lungs in a fetal pig.

Where does fetal development take place?

Fetal development takes place in fibrous connective tissue membrane.

Describe the appearance Lung tissue of a fetal pig?

The appearance of the lung tissue in a fetal pig is smooth and solid. This is because the pig has never used its lungs to breathe.

Where is the esophageal found in a fetal pig?

The esophageal tissue is what is used to make up the esophagus of a fetal pig. You will find esophageal in the throat of a fetal pig.

What tissue makes up the skin of fetal pig?

The tissue that makes up the skin of a fetal pig is called epitrichium. It is like a fake layer of skin that is present where there is no hair.

Tissue that makes up skin on fetal pig?

The tissue that makes up the skin on a fetal pig is called epitrichium. The epitrichium generally disappears before the animal is born.

What tissue make up the fetal pigs skin?


What tissue covers the lungs in a fetal pig?

pleural membrane

Should fetal tissue be used to treat disease?

I believe that fetal tissue should not be used to treat disease because it can actually cause other disease by treating it for disease its impact is dangerous for the human cells.

What are the Structures of fetal pig larynx?

The structures of the larynx of a fetal pig include a hard wall and cartilaginous tissue. It is located inside the throat.

What is the origin of a skeletal muscle?

Skeletal muscle is derived from fetal mesodermal tissue.

What tissue does not continue to undergo cell division until the end of adolescence?

Nervous tissue stops dividing while still in the fetal phase.

Does the liver contain lymphatic tissue?

In fetal period liver contains lymphatic tissue. But as age increases this work is done by bone marrow

What Forms much of the fetal skeleton and covers the articular surfaces of long bones?

reticular tissue

Can you live with a dead fetus in you?

There is a very high risk that the dead fetal tissue will become infected.

What is the function of the coronary arteries and veins in fetal pigs?

carries blood to heart tissue riched with O2

What is the process by which the cartilage of fetal bones is gradually replaced with the bone tissue?

the process is called ossification Hope this helps!

Why will the segment of lung tissue cut from the fetal pig sink when placed in water?

Healthy lung tissue from an adult pig will float in formalin because there is a (relatively) large volume of air trapped in the alveolar sacs. Fetal pigs haven't taken a breath yet, so there is no air in the alveolar sacs. This is why the lung tissue from a fetal pig will sink in formalin. Incidently, this is also how medical examiners can determine if a child was stillborn or was born alive and then died - check to see if a section of lung from autopsy floats in the formalin.

Are fetal pigs and humans composed of cardiac muscle tissue?

No. All contain cardiac tissue after the circulatory system has developed, but no more proportionally than any other human or pig.

Does planned parenthood have a contract to sell aborted fetal tissue?

No. it's illegal to sell human bodies/bodyparts in the US.

List the fetal tissue and organs that produce blood?

- Yolk sac, liver, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes and red bone narrow

What are the mesenteries of a fetal pig?

They are thin transparent sheets of veiny tissue attached to the pig's small intestine that bring nourishment and oxygen to the intestines.